5 Essential Wedding Card Tips to Remember

Weddings are once in a lifetime moment for all the lovebirds and also for those who arranged their marriage through matrimony websites. People will take their time to plan everything from the wedding card to gifts to the food that will be served on the wedding day. Because they want to celebrate their wedding day with their loved ones, family members, relatives and friends.

For any wedding, wedding cards are the initial and official announcement of D-day to everyone. But selecting a wedding card that satisfies the groom, bride and their family members is never an easy task. Even if everyone likes the design of the wedding card, it should be available in their favourite colour and should be within their budget.

There are so many difficulties involved in choosing a wedding card for a wedding, but it can be done. Remember anything is possible when you want it and work for it. We thought of helping you by listing out some essential wedding card tips to make things easier for you to select a wedding card.

Set Theme

Your wedding cards are not just an invitation to invite your guest, they can also let the guest know about the theme of your wedding. Remember this while selecting the design of your wedding card. In addition, the wedding cards are also the initial touch points of your wedding to people you are inviting.

Have multiple options for the design, colour and even the material used in the wedding cards. Then select the best wedding card which fulfils your requirements. Once you decide which design or theme for the wedding card, then carry out the same throughout your wedding. In addition, themes will make your wedding unique and stand out from the crowd.

Keep it Simple

Never add unnecessary information to your wedding card. This will make your wedding card look messy and unappealing. Add necessary details about your wedding like destination, date, time and other necessary details. You can also add a QR code to your wedding card for people to access other details.

Keeping it simple always makes your wedding card much more elegant and appealing. You can do this by shortening the sentences and adding only necessary details to your wedding card. We advise you to decide the details to be entered on the wedding card along with your family and future partner.


Proofreading the information that goes on the wedding card might look like an unnecessary thing to do. But if the wedding cards come with mistakes then there is no use in regretting your mistake. Remember the lines Prevention is better than cure, this goes for all situations and tasks.

Spend just ten minutes proofreading all the information to check whether everything is correct or not. You have to do this before sending the details for printing your wedding cards. This will save you from last-minute stress, and loss of time and money. Also, it is not a mistake to proofread the details until you feel that everything is perfect.

Order Extra Wedding Cards

Always have extra wedding cards but don’t have too much extra. Because when you are sending your wedding cards through postal there are chances that they might not reach the destination. During these times, that extra wedding cards will save you from disputes with your relatives and friends.

Because you have to start the printing process again to print additional wedding cards if needed. And this might cost you additional money and time and you will get stressed when such things happen. To avoid this kind of situation you can order an extra 25 to 50 wedding cards from the numbers you have decided.

Don’t Stress Yourself

Well, this is not actually a wedding card tip but an essential tip to take care of your physical and mental health. Because when you try to be perfect in everything in your wedding you’ll get stress and anxiety. You can avoid this by taking the time off from wedding planning or can hire a reputable and experienced wedding planner to do the job.

Remember it’s your wedding, it doesn’t have to be perfect to impress others (well that counts a little bit), it has to like how you want it to be. You can also try meditation to reduce the impact of stress. Meditation will also help you to focus on wedding planning.

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