Amouranth, a teenager, has always been fascinated with cosplay and costume design. She began her career performing with Houston Grand Opera House Ballet and Houston Grand Opera.

So, it seems that her Instagram feed is full of sexually suggestive photos and videos. Similar can be said about her cosplay, and most of her YouTube videos that are focused on her daily life.

Amouranth is an experienced veteran of many conventions and other events that are dedicated to the art cosplay. Her most prominent convention appearances were at the Delta-H-Con 2013-2015, Wizard World Guangzhou, China 2015, Wizard World Austin 2015 and Victoria Comic-Con 2016. Stan Lee’s Comic Con (2016) was her last.

Amouranth started a children’s entertainment website in 2015 under her own name. It offers services like cosplay/costume making and public speaking.

Amouranth’s YouTube career

Amouranth has accumulated a large portion of her 588k YouTube views in the past year. It is very similar to her Twitch followers. Amouranth is not subject to YouTube’s strict TOS, and has never been removed/banned.

The films she has made on the site are about a range of subjects, including lifestyle, gaming and suggestive topics. In July 2020, Amouranth, Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon and Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta released a podcast. Dizzy Kitten also appeared on the podcast.

Amouranth took the opportunity to dispel widespread speculation that she was hiding her marital status. Amouranth stated that the screenshot used to prove that she was hiding her marital status in order to avoid losing online support was fake.

Amouranth Net Value

Amouranth has a reported wealth of $20 to $25 million. Media celebrities can make an estimated $1.4 to $11.5 million monthly by streaming live content creation, personal investment and subscriptions for content creation.

Amouranth, like her Twitch viewers, has 588k YouTube subscribers. The majority were added within the last year. Amouranth’s YouTube channel has not been suspended or banned. This contrasts with the Twitch site, where there have been many incidents.

You will find a variety of videos from games and lifestyle to risky content on her site. In a podcast which was published in July 2020, Amouranth and Natalia “Alinity Mogollon as well as Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta and Dizzy Kitten, all of them appeared.

Amouranth has dispelled the myth that she was hiding her marital status. Amouranth has unambiguously stated that the screenshot she used to show that she was hiding her marriage online in order to avoid losing support is false.

Earnings at Amouranth

Amouranth can make more money by contributing to content-creation sites, as was stated previously. Amouranth has an average YouTube view of 20 to 30 million per month, earning between $20,000 and $40,000.

A large following of adult-oriented sites has made Amouranth a popular streamer. She makes great money from viewing and paying both one-time and regular memberships. Amouranth is unlikely to confirm how much she earns from her many subscriptions. However, it is possible that she will in the near future.

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