Anthony Taylor Dillon Danis: What Happened Between The Two Fighters, Know The Whole Truth

The article discusses the fight between Anthony Taylor Dillon Dillon as well as the events leading to their fight in the MisfitsBoxing event.

The recent boxing fight between Anthony Taylor (boxing) and Dillion Danis (boxing) was well-known. People Worldwide are checking out the details to find out more about what took place at the spot that brought down such a large fight and anger.

The Bellator fighter was involved in a fight Friday at the MisfitsBoxing weight-ins. To learn more about Anthony Taylor Dillon Dillonfight, read the article.

What did Dillion Danis and Anthony Taylor do?

Friday saw the Bellator fighter Dilliondanis and KSI come face to face. They began shouting at one other just minutes before the match. The fight was confusing for the crowd. Danis asked KSI’s boxer if he wanted knocked-out, to which the former replied that he could easily defeat him.

Has the video been shared on ??

The viral video of the players became popular on Twitter and other social networking sites. The crowd attempted to calm the players, but they weren’t interested in listening to any of them. They started throwing punches each other.

Another video features Anthony Taylor confronting Danis. Taylor lands a punch right at Danis’s forehead, leading to another major fight.

What is the height ?

Anthony Taylor is 1.7m tall, and Dillion Dais is 1,83m. Both are well known players. The recent fight between the two has been a hot topic.

Such fights are often repeated in a short time. The players knew no boundaries and began throwing punches at their opponents.

age players

Anthony Taylor is 33 years of age and was born on June 23, 1992. Dillion Danis, on a different note, is only 29 and was born in August 1992. Both players are well known for their excellent matches and outstanding records.

After the fight between the teams, players clashed with each other but were soon separated.

What Record the players have?

The record for the former Bellator fighter and boxer is (7-5-0), representing win, lose, and draw. His current winning streak measures 5. Dillion Danis’s record stands at 2-0-0. His current win streak is 2. They have been well-known by their fans for their performances in matches. After reviewing their Boxing career, these stats have been noted.


We have not yet learned about the penalties that players could face for violating these norms. What did the fight make you feel? Leave a comment.

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