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Do you want to control your money? Are you in search of an organization that will provide you with the best investment? A lot of people around the world want to put their funds into investments, but do not have enough time to manage their money when they work. Apollo management assists individuals and companies put their money into. Apollo management also provides employment opportunities to those who want. We will share honest opinions about the company and its work atmosphere.

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reviews from Apollo management

Apollo Management has employed several staff members. The group is able to work together to oversee the finances of their customers. The company’s asset management services have an overall 3.6 rating on various websites. Additionally, numerous employees have shared their opinions regarding the working environment of the company. The company has both positive and negative reviews.

Certain employees have commented the company’s outstanding employee benefits program. Other reviews have mentioned that employees can benefit from great opportunities to learn, exposure to many areas, and excellent bonding with colleagues. While there are many favorable reviews, employees have also shared their own negatives of the business: lengthy working hours and lots of pressure to work in Apollo Global Management.

Brief on Apollo Management

Apollo Management is a multinational American private equity company. It invests in real estate, private equity and credit. At the end of March, 2022 the company owned $512 billion in assets , and the credit was $372 billion. The company oversees the money of its customers. Numerous corporations have made investments in the company. The company also invests money for pension funds, financial endowment as well as the sovereign wealth fund.

The company was established 32 years ago in 1990. The headquarters of the business is within New York City, United States. It was established in the year 2000 by Marc Rowan, Leon Black along with Josh Harris.

Apollo Global Management Stocks

Apollo Management ord shares (NYSE KPO) are at 59.24 USD. A lot of investors like the shares of Apollo Management. The revenues of the company in 2021 was US$5.95 billion. Operating income for 2021 was US$3.02 billion. The net income of the company amounts to US$1.84 billion. The equity total of the company in 2021 was US$10.19 billion.

The company is a top performer in terms of revenues and assets. A large number of employees joined the company to join them. In the preceding sections we have posted reviews about the firm. The company is just 32 years in existence. According to Apollo Management Reviews the company is rated both positive and negative. The reviews we have collected from trusted online portals. You can go through this review to get all the details about the company.

In the simplest terms

This article will provide some brief information on the reviews of the firm that manages funds Apollo management. Apollo management assists its customers in managing their finances. Many employees of the company have written reviews about the conditions at work which include both negative and positive reviews.

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