Avenue Avebury Tonbridge {Aug 2022} Get All Information About Case

In this piece we’ve provided all the details of the most recent Avenue Avebury Tonbridge incident.

Have you witnessed any crime? Have you had the experience of it for yourself? You should be aware of the crimes taking place within and around your area.

In the past, Avebury Ave, Tonbridge in the United Kingdom, was featured in the news for something like this.

The neighborhood has been in the news due to an incident in which an individual was attacked. Continue reading to learn more about the details of what transpired and all the information regarding the Avenue Avebury Tonbridge case.

What was the exact reason?

Kent Police officers were called at 12:55 am on the 19th, 2022, Friday, and was informed of an accident that took place close to Avebury Avenue. Police left the scene, along with the ambulance. The victim was believed to be young and likely around his mid-20s was declared dead on the spot.

The teenager suffered numerous stabbing wounds. The investigation is ongoing and a teenage boy was detained about 3:40 am. He is in custody. The exact location of the incident is not known, however, according to Kent Police, the assault was reportedly at or around Avebury Avenue.

More details on Avenue Avebury Tonbridge

The victim is confirmed as being a local in the Tonbridge region. Police have been working to collect more details for their investigation. They have talked to a number of possible witnesses. Kent Police is appealing to the public to contact them and inform the police that they have any information regarding the investigation.

Investigator for the Detective Inspectorate of Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, Lee Neiles, has stated that they are trying to find and fully comprehend the circumstances. The police must talk to anyone who observed, heard or witnessed anything suspicious prior to or around 12:55 am.

According to them they say that according to them, the Avenue Avebury Tonbridge incident where victims were assaulted, and was stabbed to death, was a close proximity to Tonbridge Park. Tonbridge Park is home to a vast amount of homes. So, if anybody is looking to help police in their investigation, they shouldn’t be reluctant to contact them.

It is possible to contact Kent Police on 101 and make sure to mention the Reference number of 19-0050. Anyone who has information about the case could also call 0800 555111 Crime stoppers anonymously.

Important Announcement

Councilors from the local area Paul Stepto and Mark Hood have been informed that a major incident occurred over the course of the night at Avebury Avenue. Because of this, a shutting down the area has been ordered as the police conduct their investigation.

Following incident Avenue Avebury Tonbridge incident The police have advised that the public must be aware of traffic , as the police have shut down several pathways in the area.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the incident reported by Tonbridge is under an investigation by the Kent Police. If, as we mentioned previously, you have any information relating to the incident make contact with the police immediately. We advise you all to remain safe and do not be afraid to take on the role of witnesses, since your single action could be the catalyst for justice in an investigation.

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