Balenciaga Child Scandal- read the all info about photo controversy

You will find all details regarding the Balenciaga Child Scamal in this article. Read the Celebs and public responses to this scandal.

What is Balenciaga’s child-abuse photography? Balenciaga’s advertising campaign is what makes celebrities so disappointed. Celebs and people are shocked by the Balenciaga Child Skandal photography campaign.

People in the United Kingdom and Canada find that it is disgusting and disgraceful for a larger company like Balenciaga to be involved with child abuse. Images of these 23rd spring campaigns went viral on social media. For more details about the controversy, and the reality of it, please read the full article.

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Balenciaga controversy

Balenciaga’s spring photoshoot campaign was a very disturbing experience for all. The child is holding a teddy bear during the photoshoot. The worst part about the photo shoot? The teddy bears wear BDSM gear. It sends a negative message about child abuse and creates an unflattering image on social networks.

Photographer has been criticized.He agrees with taking such photos for advertising campaigns. The company shared two photos of children holding a toy bear and one photo of a woman. Balenciaga is currently promoting the current design. However, they should remember that it could not involve toddlers in inappropriate content. Maine celebrities also posted Tweet and other social accounts describing the unhealthy photoshoot in Balenciaga’s campaign.


This campaign was rescinded after multiple people and companies saw the inappropriate content on social media. The court makes a ruling stating that it is virtual child abusing and Balenciaga should send the court documents as soon possible.

Another image from the campaign features a woman, but somehow, it also shows a reflection of photos that are not relevant to a child. Lila Rose, a famous celebrity, also tweeted about the disgusting act of Balenciaga. She says that it is a crime against children. Kim Kardashian was also tag to voice concern about the act.

What is Balenciaga’s reaction?

After learning about the Photos, the owner condemned the indecent act. He also posted an apology message to social media. He also agreed that the image contained content that could be considered disturbing for children. He also said that he didn’t know about this image being taken in the 23rd Spring Campaign.

He also stated that there would strict action in relation to this campaign. We will immediately remove all images related to this campaign. We will also delete all videos related to this campaign from all platforms.

In another story, he stated that we support children’s safety. The company will take severe action against those who were involved in the photoshoot.

Wrapping up

Balenciaga’s 23rd spring campaign is mired in child scandal controversy. This photoshoot features inappropriate images of a child holding a teddy Bear in a BDSM costume.

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