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Get all of the information elsewhere regarding Body Beauty Bar Orlando FL that was misinterpreted as an entity that was owned by Elizabeth Knighton.

The latest incident of discrimination based on race was extensively talked about on social media across America. United States. The story on Yelp received a lot of media attention. The effect was so strong that users wrote negative reviews for Bodi Beauty Bar. Within a couple of days, the ratings of the business was reduced to 1/5 stars based on 90 reviews.

It is described in the following manner:

Elizabeth Knighton is the owner of Bodi Beauty Bar. Recently the bar was charged with making slurs against employees of King Cajun Restaurant. King Cajun restaurant. King Cajun Restaurant has 4.6/5-stars Google reviews! King Cajun is a Chinese restaurant situated on the 924th level in North Mills Avenue, OR Florida 32803 USA.

Elizabeth was eating out and ordered shrimps from King Cajun. After receiving the shrimp, she was dissatisfied with the high-quality food, and they were damaged. In the restaurant, there was an official from the King Cajun staff member. The staff inspected the shrimp and decided that the food was in good condition. The woman was informed that they had found the same.

Bodi beauty bar orlando Racist Remarks:

Elizabeth was furious and yelled at workers. Elizabeth went to the counter to pay her bill and order takeaway. However, the waitress was rude, and was adamant and spoke in vulgar terms to the staff. Chinese employees. The staff were greeted by a smile, and they wrote a note of thanks to Elizabeth to thank her for patronizing.

The reviews, feedback and ratings that were published on Yelp were noticed from the Yelp managing staff. From now from now, the Yelp team has been blocking user-generated reviews or posts published via the Bodi Beauty Bar’s website. This Yelp team also said that they don’t support discrimination against minorities, and they is currently reviewing the most recent posts and reviews.

About Beauty Bar:

Bodi Beauty Bar Bodi beauty salon Llc can be found on 1420 Lake Baldwin Lane, OR, FL-32814. It offers services like saunas, cosmetic spas and many more. Following the incident, more than 100 reviews with negative feedback were left by customers on Bodi Beauty Bar’s sites. 28 of these reviews were not recommended to be reviewed by Yelp because they were written in order to convince customers not to support the business. Bodi Beauty Bar’s operations.

7 of the posts posted on the Bodi Beauty Bar’s Facebook page were removed because they broke Yelp the rules of the community. The users who left comments on other posts shared their opinion that Elizabeth could not have behaved in like this and that it’s still not too late for her to issue the apology. It’s important to know that this particular information was derived directly from a Facebook post and we aren’t able to take the responsibility for or endorse any individual.

Customer reviews for Body Beauty Bar:

Many have suggested that if Elizabeth is thinking this way and is feeling this way, her Spa services may be harmful to Asian clients, since her business is composed of chemicals, equipment and similar. Elizabeth is not permitted to use any of these chemicals, equipment , or machinery. In addition, Elizabeth must realize that the chemicals are made in Asian countries.


Twitter, Facebook and Yelp users have declared that they’re in support of King Cajun. They made an announcement that said that FL is a close relationship and community that is shared with others, and that there is no place for games that are based upon the race of any one. The negative image of the Bodi Beauty Bar has hurt another company with the same brand name Body Beauty Bar Orlando FL. Don’t confuse the two companies with one another.

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