Burger King Employee 27 Years Gofundme {July} Explore Story Here

Scroll down to find out the most important details about Burger King Employee 27 years Gofundme. Have you heard of the employee at Burger King who received a check of $300,000 USD? Are you curious about the story behind how the employee so wealthy? We invite you to find out the details we provide within this piece.

Employee is Kevin Ford, who works at Burger King in Las Vegas, United States. The brand is also well-known across Canada. Find this article to find specific information about Burger King Employee 27 years Gofundme.

Information About Gofundme and Burger King Employee Who Works for 27 Years

Kevin Ford, who is 54 years old began his career at the Burger King in1995 at Mc Carran International Airport at Mc Carran International Airport, where Kevin worked as a cook and cashier. Kevin has never taken a days off during his 27 years in work.

In the 27th anniversary, the manager of the company handed him presents like chocolates and chocolates, candy and a movie ticket and the Starbucks cup as well as other items. After accepting the present, Kevin is seen to be acknowledged by all his colleagues in a short video which is followed by the public who are shocked to see this seemingly insignificant item being presented as a gift from Burger King Employee 27 years Gofundme.

Kevin Ford And His Family

Kevin has four daughters. At the time he began his journey as an employee at Burger King employee, he was a single parent. Then he got married as the need arose within the family. Seryna Ford Kevin’s daughter created Gofundme to honor her father’s remarkable service to humanity.

She was looking to raise 200 USD to Kevin to help him organize a trip and visit with his children. Kevin is thrilled to be able to spend time with his daughters as well as their children.

What was the Declaration That Was Created For Burger King Employee 27 Years of Gofundme

Kevin’s daughter, Seryna, posted on Gofundme to talk about the amazing service provided by her father for Burger King. She also mentioned that her father cared of her as well as her elder sister as a single parent when they worked in Burger King.

The health insurance of the entire family as well as the cost of school fees for the children was covered by the organization, and the benefits are outstanding. In light of this she asked people who would like to contribute to her father. The people began donating money to show their appreciation for Kevin and his family, and the fund raised $300K USD.

Why is Burger King Employee 27 Years Gofundme Trending in News?

The story about the employee at Burger King and funds of enormous amounts are trending on the report. The reason this is trending lies in the genuineness Kevin Ford, the Burger King employee, has displayed throughout his career and the affection shown by people to the person. Both of his efforts are worthy of gratitude.


This article focuses on the tale of a man whose integrity in the work he does is recommended . Also, we learn that, even in the present that people show great respect for someone who performs his work with honesty.

It’s clear that Burger King Employee 27 years Gofundmeis an intriguing subject to discuss. Do you know of any stories similar to Kevin Ford? Tell us about your experience.

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