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The person who is Cade Thompson? Do you know the details of Cade’s funeral? Many people from various regions of the globe including those from the United States, are looking for Cade. However, nobody knows his fate or an obituary. This article of Cade Thompson Obituary will inform readers on the life and death of this child.

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Obituary for Cade Thompson

Cade died on the 20th of October 20, 2021, when he was only 18 years old. He was just a small child. His funeral obituary was published immediately following his death as well as all the other services of administration in assessing his passing were provided by the Big Creek Baptist Church, Big Creek Baptist on the 23rd of October 2021. The time of the funeral was 10:10 A.M., whereas the funeral service began around noon.

More about Cade Thompson Obituary

The family published his funeral obituary. His twin brother Justin Rhodes managed all the funeral arrangements. Andy Pittman also administered the funeral. Unfortunately, there’s little information online, but according to online sources, Cade was born on the 2nd of October 2003. He was lively and had a fun personality. He was born to be a child of Lorrie along with Chris Thompson. Everyone loved him and enjoyed his company. The people he shared his life with loved his warm and caring nature. His laughter made people laugh around him.

We have only uncovered a few details regarding his life as well as Cade Thompson Obituary . Whenever more information is released and we can update the Cade Thompson Obituary.

Cause of death

A child who was happy and youthful died very quickly. The death of his son shocked everyone particularly those in his immediate family. Everyone loved him, as a beloved member from his extended family. Furthermore, the details regarding the reason for the death of his father was not discovered as of yet. The public is still seeking the cause of his death, but the cause has not been known. It’s been eight months since his death and there is no evidence discovered about the cause of his death. The public is waiting to know the reason for his death. The only Cade Thompson Obituary is not yet released.

It is important to note that a lot of information hasn’t been made public at this time. But, all information have been sourced from online sources, and readers can trust the information. When the reason of his death is disclosed, we will inform you with all the information.

The Final Words

To conclude this article In conclusion, we have included all relevant information about his life as well as his death notice in this article. The readers are able to find references to the reason for his death. It was difficult for his family members to live each day without his presence. His soul is at peace and God will strengthen his family.

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