Cafe Press FTC Settlement {July 2022} Explore Details Here!

CafePress’s online store was ordered to be safer by the FTC following the 2019 breach. You can find more information in the Cafe Press FTC Settlement.

You would like to see the details of the CafePress/FTC settlement. CafePress is an online marketplace for customizing items that was subject to data breaches. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission), apparently acted quickly against CafePress.

It is possible to find out how the problem will be solved for people in Canada or the United Kingdom. The Commission suggests that the corporation should improve its information security. Cafe Press FTC Resolution.

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About Settlement

In accordance with a deal relating to a 2019 incident involving millions users’ personal information, CafePress was required by the Federal Trade Commission to increase its security and face a $500,000 Fine. The former owner of the company will be required to pay half a million dollars in order to reimburse smaller companies.

An ecommerce site must have authentication systems, limit data collection, and ensure that users’ Social Safety numbers are protected after the order is placed. The business must also go through an annual external audit.

Cafe Press FTC Resolution

This settlement is a testament to the proactive work of Chair Lina Kan and her organization in stopping alleged violations. These issues will be pursued more aggressively by the Biden nominee as part a comprehensive regulatory strategy.

CafePress reached this agreement due to an incident that occurred in February 2019, when a hacker took information from the company’s computers. All the data leaked included over 20 million client emails, credentials with insufficient protection, 180,000 Personal Details and more than 180,000 Client Details. Cafe Press FTC Agreement was started when FTC claimed that the site failed to take adequate security precautions, kept data longer than it needed and conducted a weak investigation into this incident.

Implement a policy regarding discarding.

Businesses should limit the amount of valuable user data they keep to comply with federal laws, regulations, operational processes, and other factors. FTC claimed CafePress, despite considering whether there was a business purpose for such data being kept, that the company retained client information on its system permanently. This posed a severe risk to the users.

Cafe Press FTC Paymentimplies that customer data must be deleted if it is not necessary for a business or regulatory reason.


CafePress received a FTC charge for failing to secure sensitive data. CafePress was ordered to improve its information security. The settlement also included a $500,000 fine.

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