Clark County Tax Cap Form {June 2022} Get Full Info

This article will address the effects of the changes to the Clark County Income Tax Cap Form on residents.

What is the Clark County Tax? Is it the reason why people panicked?

For property owners in Clark County, the closing date for lowering property taxes is rapidly approaching. According to state law, the annual increase of housing taxes in Clark County for principal dwellings is limited to 3 percent. This resulted in a lot unrest in Clark County (Nevada, United States). The following guide will give you information about the Clark County Income Tax Cap Form.

What is the Tax Cap Form?

The Clark County Assessor has issued a notice stating that the county’s principal residence property taxes can only be increased by 3% annually. The average annual increase in property taxes for tenants and second homes could be 8%. If a house owner identifies their main residence as such on the form, they are eligible for the 3 percent tax.

You can visit the Clark County Assessor’s website to apply for the 3 percent tax rate. You can either mail the Tempo Tax Cap 22 or drop it off at the Clark County assessor’s offices.

Deadline to Complete the Form

For the fiscal year 2020-2021, paperwork must be submitted no later than Thursday, June 30.

There is no limit to taxes. According to the website of the assessor, even if you miss Thursday’s deadline, you can still adjust your tax cap for the fiscal year 2022-2023.

In any event, one should be aware that in all cases

They can search for their home by using the Property Account Inquiry Search button on the county treasurer’s site.

Clark County Assessors Office HTML3_ Notice

In anticipation of rising property taxes, many Clark County residents made a mad dash to the office of their town assessor. Many people are confused as to the type of their homes and any related items. This is why there is a lot of hurry at the county office.

Many people took to social media to voice concerns, claiming they could be charged incorrectly for these changes. The deadline of June 30 was not acceptable for Clark County Tax Cap.


This article discusses the changes in Clark County’s tax cap. We also discuss the new property tax caps for residents. We also provided information about the form, including the deadline. The effects of it on the residents of the region were also discussed. We also talked about the difficulties in filling out the forms.

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