Community Day Pokemon Go 2022 June {2022 June} Know Every Details!

This Community Day Pokemon Go2022 July post covers everything about the community day Pokemon Go hosted on the 25th.

What is a community day in Pokemon Go Are you a Pokemon Go fan? Pokemon Go is a mobile reality-based game that was developed by Nintendo and Niantic. The game is available both on iOS and Android. Pokemon Go recently announced a worldwide community day.

For more information on community day, you can follow this post Community Day Poke Go 2022 June.

Pokemon Go Community Day

Pokemon go gamers were stunned by the announcement of the Pokemon community day. This community event will be held from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday, 26 June 2022. This community day will also feature the Irate Pokemon. A trainer will be allowed play against the top four battlers. There are also rewards for this exciting community day, which we will discuss later. It’s not a Pokemon Go Community Day in July 2022. Instead, it’s June 2022.

You will receive a bonus for attending this event

Community day provides many bonuses to its members. There are two ways to get bonus benefits: you can find Deino Candy XL and 2x candy for spotting Pokemon. The Stardust will be only 50% for trades made during this event.

A second event is available from 2:00 to 5:00 on June 25, where trainers can take part in four-star raid fights. You will see Deino more frequently if you win this event.

How to apply Community Day PokemonGo 2022 Juni?

For the Deino On Community Day Research Story, you will need US$1. Tickets will soon become available on the official Pokemon Go site. These tickets can be shared with friends by tapping on the research ticket section within the in-game game shop. Tap on the gift option instead of the purchase section. These tickets can be given to family members and friends if they have already bought a special ticket for research or gifted it. Tickets can only be given to one friend.

Community Day, Pokemon Go 2022 June

This three-hour long event is full with rewards and surprises for players. Participation in this event can result in special theme stickers. You might also want to take some pictures of the community, as there may be surprises.


In this post we will explain to you all about the community Day, its rewards, the participation charges, and how it works.

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