Crypto Billionaire Death: Who Is Vyacheslav Taran? Explore Cause Of Death, Obituary & Much More

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What is the shocking story of a crypto-billionaire’s death? How did he pass away? When was this tragic accident? Who suffered the shocking death? People from all over the world, including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada are interested in the latest updates about the tragic death.

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What happened the Crypto Billionaire’s life?

Vyacheslav, 53 years old, was the third crypto billionaire to die after two consecutive deaths. On 25 November 2022 at 1 p.m., the founder of Forex club was tragically killed.

After the helicopter crash in which the deceased was traveling, the Russian crypto billionaire had to be declared Dead. The news is available in the social media link section.

How did Vyacheslav Taran die?

According to media reports Vyacheslav Tarian, co-founder and owner of Libertex, was flying in an Airbus H130 helicopter between Lausanne (Switzerland) and Monaco. Taran died mysteriously after the aircraft crashed in Villefranche-sur-Mer.

Tran, 35, was accompanied at the time by his pilot, who also died in that crash. Taran was confirmed by his own company on Twitter. Then, the netizens filled social media platforms with their messages about Vyachlestav Taran’s passing.

One media house shared Vyacheslav’s death news via a blog post. Below is a link to the post.

Obituary details & more

His own company confirmed his Crypto Billionaires Obituary. Additional details about his funeral are not known. According to sources, Tran was traveling with a 35 year-old pilot who also died at the scene of the helicopter crash. A mysterious helicopter crash claimed that Taran was also killed, according to Reddit users.

Taran was to have been accompanied by another person, but Taran cancelled his trip at the very last moment. Taran’s mysterious demise has been further questioned by the continual death of crypto billionaires and his last-minute cancellation.

Taran’s – family and more

  • Parents -Not yet known.
  • Family-Not yet known.
  • Children- He’s got three children Twins as well as an adopted son (not yet confirmed).

Is Taran Married?

According to sources, Taran was married Olga Taran and they had three beautiful kids together. Most details about his life are also hidden.

Vyacheslav’s death was also shared by one Redditors.

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