Debra Jeter Obituary {August 2022} Find What Caused Her Death?

This blog contains the Debra Jetter obituary. We also learned about how Debra Jeter’s mother killed her children by slitting their throats. She then died.

Debra’s Cause of death? Debra’s death was caused by what? Debra’s death caused many to search the Internet for an obituary. Many people now question the cause of Debra Jeter’s death after hearing about her passing.

The internet is often misleading viewers by reporting about healthy people and treating them as if they were dead. Many people in the United States wonder about DebraJeter Obituary‘s status and her death. Let’s talk about how she died.

Debra Jeter, who are you?

Debra Jeter, a native Texan who finished her formal education there is now an American citizen via naturalization. Debra Jeter’s spouse Lee Jeter started the divorce process. Debra was involved with a custody dispute over their young children, Kiersten & Kelsey. Lee was just filing for divorce. Debra Jeter has apparently committed suicide.

Debra Jetter Hillsboro Texas. tried taking her own life while visiting the home with her young daughters. She was 41 at the time. She chose to take her own lives because she could not bear losing her husband or her children.

Debra Jter’s Family: How does her daughter Kiersten Jeter do?

Kiersten Jeter has remained silent about the case since it happened in her youth. She can recall every detail of the horrible incident from twelve years ago with complete clarity. She is currently between 24 and 25, at this point. Debra killed her daughters by cutting their throats.

Debra Jeter Obituary:

Debra Joyce Jetter, Carrollton Georgia, died January 14, 2021. She was 58. Debra was born to Billy and Palona Jeter in Randolph Co. (Georgia) on November 20, 1962. She worked as a Program Specialist at West Georgia Technical College. Debra became a member of Indian Creek Baptist Church.

Jeter’s funeral was held on Monday, January 18th 2021 at 2:00 pm. Bro. Bro. Doyle Jackson, Indian Creek Baptist Church officiated. Interment will take place in the church cemetery. Debra also left behind her brothers and sisters, Elisabeth Jeter-Tony, and Donna Jeter. Jerry W. Ken and Kathryn Jeter. Debra Jeter Hillsboro Texas nieces. and nephews.

Debra, the ruthless mother that killed her defenseless daughters:

Following a faulty investigation into the death of her child, she was sentenced in prison to a term of five months. Jeter told 911 that Debra had killed Jeter’s daughter. Debra was informed by police that they should visit her home. Debra found Kiersten Leigh Jeter (13 years old) and Kelsey Leanne, (12 years), dead from a knife attack.


Last but not least, we pay our respects through Debra Jetter Obituary. Debra attempted to commit this crime. Debra was 33 years of age. Debra Jeter was accused of the attempted murder of another child and 1st-degree kid slaying. What was the motive for the murder of Debra Jeter? Your comments are welcome below.

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