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Do you find movies appealing? Are you familiar with Daemon? How important is Daemon in the story? You might also be interested in learning how Aemond died. Aemond’s murder is being investigated by people from India, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

This post Did Daemon Kill Aemond will give you all the details about Aemond’s death.

Why is everyone talking about Aemond’s death

We would like to tell you all about Aemond because we believe many people don’t know. Aemond is one of the most beloved and charming characters in the movie Daemon Targaryen. Many believe that Daemon killed Aemond during the movie. But, Daemon did not kill him. He was killed by himself. The question was not whether Daemond was responsible for Aemond’s death. All of this is why we are all talking about Aemond’s death.

How does Daemon Targaryen die

In the film’ Targaryen Civil War, Daemon Targaryen dies. Daemon and his dragon Caraxes sailed through the Dancing of the Dragons to assist Rhaenyra in capturing Harrenhal’s difficult citadel. After he had jumped onto Vhagar midair, Daemon stabbed Aemond in his eye.

What Happens To Daemon Targaryen

According to official records, he and Caraxes die in the God’s Eye during Dance of Dragons. This incident caused a split in the family. Daemons tried to tempt Aemond into fighting Harrenhal in a long conflict. Aemond returns and fights Daemon, even though Daemon’s corpse was never found after the Fight.

Westeros historians believed he had died. The singers said that he had been recovered and lived the rest of his life in secrecy.

Is Daemon able to kill Aemond? Aemond was not killed by Daemon. We recommend that you carefully read the following section if you have doubts about Aemond’s and Daemons’s deaths.


We discussed whether Daemon was dead or alive in this article. The actual fight that took place during the dance of the dragons was also discussed. You can also click on this link to find out more about the Daemon Targaryen.

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