Dr Hannam Obituary has provided details and memories of the soul who passed away and provided his funeral dates.

Are you aware of the cause of death of Dr. Paul Hannam? Many social media users in Canada were looking for the reason for the death of Dr. Hannam. His sudden passing of the physician shocked his family and friends.

Many people are stunned at this news since Dr. Hannam did not suffer from any illness and was just 50 years old. Friends and family members have sent condolence messages and engaging in activities that we discussed in the The Dr Hannam Obituary. To learn more about Dr. Hannam go through this article to the very end.

Hannam’s age, Family, and Career:

Dr. Hannam was born in Vancouver in the neighbourhood that is part of British Columbia University. He was born in year 1971. He died on the 16th day of July, 2022, at fifty years old. In the year 1996, Hannam married his school acquaintance Rosemary as he was completing his studies in the University.

He was also a great sportsman , and he represented his country as a member of the national sailing squad in Atlanta in 1996. The couple relocated to Toronto after a few years and Paul was able to complete his medical studies of emergency medicine from Toronto’s University of Toronto.

Dr Paul Hannam Obituary:

The sudden passing of Dr. Paul has deeply affected the members of his immediate family, friends and family members. The closest friends and relatives who knew Dr. Paul posted their thoughts on social media to mark the passing of Dr Paul.

The friend of his O’Shea in his post mentioned that Dr. Paul with his son had have played Hockey together. This allowed him to meet Dr. Hannam and found him to be a wonderful listener and storyteller. He treasures memories of their time together and expresses his grief of the passing.

Tash Stewart’s relatives have named trees to commemorate Dr Paul’s passing. The Dr Paul Hannam Obituary Also, a friend of Meredith Johnson sharing deepest sympathies for the family and Rosemary during this time of grief.

Paul Hannam Cause of Death:

The majority of his coworkers recognized his contribution to the corona epidemic as the doctor created his team and kept his team motivated. One of his colleagues remembers him as the person who kept them focused because being in PPE was exhausting over the past two years.

A sudden heart attack was the cause of his death on an early morning run. The friend and colleague of his have lost a wonderful person and an amazing.

Dr Hannam Obituary on the day of his death. Service:

  • The public will gather to honour his memory on the 27th of July, Wednesday between 12-3pm in Vancouver.
  • North York General Hospital will pay tribute to the life of his father at Toronto on the 4th of August at P.M. on 4th August.
  • The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians will create a national award to preserve the legacy and honor of Dr. Hannam.
  • You can write a note and plant trees in the memory of Dr. Paul on this site.

Last verdicts

Dr. Paul is very much missed due to his tireless work and contribution to the outbreak of coronavirus. Dr Hannam Obituary feels that the loss of Dr. Paul is unreparable and the world will mourn the doctor for a long time. We send our best wishes to the family and loved ones of the deceased soul.

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