Ebanie Bridges Reddit: Who Is Ebanie Bridges? Check What Was The Reaction Of His Fans?

Get exclusive details about the events that led the discussion on Ebanie Bridges Reddit posts, which went viral in week two of December.

Did you know that Ebanie’s viral video featured Shannon O’Connell insulting her face in front hundreds of viewers on December 9, 2022? Shannon insulted Ebanie.

What reaction did the United Kingdom and Australia to the video insulting? What was her request for Twitter? Let’s look at a few events that took place on Ebanie Bridges Reddit.

What happened to the IBF bantamweight World title?

Ebanie took to the stage on 9th December 2022 to bid for IBF’s bantamweight world championship. Since March 2022, she holds the bantamweight championship. She was also a 2017 and 2016 gold medalists in the women’s bantamweight. She has a strong physique and high fitness levels. As a result, she can fight at high speeds as Boxrec.

Shannon had also applied for the IBF bantamweight World title. She was dressed in a sports outfit. Ebanie was also on stage, weighing herself. Ebanie stripped off her tracksuit and donned see-through clothes to pose before an audience. Shannon was her first meeting after she measured her weight which was 117.75lbs ( age -39 years).

Shannon (117.35lbs) insulted Ebanie by using some harsh words. Reddit became the topic of conversation, and the viral video of Ebanie’s IBF bantamweight match went viral. Shannon has also made insulting comments on Ebanie Jogging Vlog on Tweet.

What was Ebanie’s reaction?

Some of her fans didn’t like her wearing non-sports attire. Many of her admirers were equally impressed by her competitive spirit that made Shannon jealous.

Ebanie also asked her Instagram and Twitter followers to join @ebaniebridges pages at OnlyFans. She explained that it was her personal social network page. Her fans responded and suggested that she would post stunning pictures on the OnlyFans page.

Ebanie is also known as “Blonde Bomber”, as her coach is Arnel Barotillo. She is well-known for her hair colour, and her muscular chest. Ebanie is an accomplished photographer who earns $6K+/month.


Her OnlyFan pages featured a Launch Day Sale!’ post, tagging it with ‘Lingerie photoshoots and training footage, and all the other stuff we are not allowed to talk about. It was $29.99/month. Ebanie is also a sensational photographer and makes over $4K+. Selling her socks earned her $900 Ebanie was selling her socks and received $900 in cash.

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