Emily Ratajkowski Husband Height: Explore Sebastian Bear-Mcclard Net Worth & Other Info

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About Emily’s Husband

Sebastian Bear McClard was Emily’s husband. McClard is an American actor and filmmaker. He also produces films. McClard hails from New York City. This man, who is 5 feet 10 inches tall, is most well-known for being the husband of Emily Ratajkowski. Sebastian is well-known because of his contributions to entertainment. He has worked on many films and TV series.

Sebastian has an Twitter account. However, he is not very active. He only has one post, and 30 followers. Emily, however, has 29.5M followers. She also posts 1,197 times per day. It is no surprise that Emily is more popular than Sebastian. Both Emily, and Sebastian, however, had filed for divorcement from each other.

Sebastian Personal life

Before marrying Emily, Sebastian was not well-known. Sebastian was discovered by many people soon after their marriage. Although he was already an actor and a filmmaker, not many people knew much about him. In addition to producing and acting in many movies, he also made short films such as Buffalo Wings and The Minority. His $12 million Total Net Worth is an example of his achievements in life.

Emily and Sebastian married. Emily gave birth. She gave birth in the middle of the night to a boy. However, she and her husband were not able to discuss the gender during the pregnancy. She had become pregnant with Sebastian.

Family Information of Sebastian

Sebastian is the only son of his parents. By faith, Sebastian is a Christian. His father is Michael McClard. His mother is Liza Bear. His father, an artist, is his mother, a filmmaker. Sebastian was born to an Ethnic White family. Sebastian was raised by his parents, who supported him in his decision to become an actor. So he could concentrate on his work and rise the ladder to success at a young -age. He is now aged 35.


Emily filed for divorce with her husband recently. They were an affectionate couple, a happy and healthy family with a son.

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