Farel Prayoga Cause Of Death: Find All Information Here!

This article exposes the facts of Farel prayoga Death. It also proves that the news is fake. You can read the entire article for more details.

Do you know Farel Pryoga? Is he still alive? Farel is a famous kid singer. In the Philippines, the news of Farel’s death has been widely shared on social media platforms over the last few hours.

Many of these supporters also know Farel prayoga’s Cause of Death. They also try to find his obituary. We have to uncover the truth.

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What is the real news?

Many of Farel’s fans want to find out the cause of Farel’s death. The death news is incorrect, however. This hoax was spread through social media. It is impossible to find any death news.

Wikipedia Farel

Farol is an internationally renowned singer. He is twelve. “Oje Dibandingke” is his most famous song. His death announcement was posted on social media platforms around the 27th October 2022. People were looking for his obituary, funeral information and burial place.

People saw Farol on the National Television Channel on 13 November 2022. We found the updated that Farol was still alive. The death news is also false.

Farol: What happened to it?

Social media announced that Farol Prayoga, famous singer, had been killed and was being buried. The news shocked his fans who were deeply affected by it. Many people feel sorry and for the child star.

Many others also noticed that no formal announcement of death was made by either the Farel or official authorities. On the 13th of November 2022, he was seen by viewers on a television program.

It shows that the news is fake. Even the 12 year old aged singer, is still perfectly alive. Many were critical of those who circulated Farol’s fake news.

Many people tried finding out the source of fake news.

They have checked all social platforms and discovered that the fake was being circulated among the followers on the twitter social media account.

Other Information

Farel is a Muslim believer. We don’t have any information about Farel’s ethnicity. He is in Bayuwangi, where he studies in class 6.


According to the report we can conclude that Farel’s death news is fake and lacking any base.

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