Findcoou Review – What Is Findcoou? Legit or Scam

What is Findcoou?

Findcoou is an ecommerce platform offering a variety of plants, including bromeliads, charlotte and Cleveland for the United States people.

Although prices for all items are reasonable, some colorful plants are still available. However, they are all outside plants.

All policy details can be found on the main page. If you are interested, you can view the policies before placing your order.

You must also consider the other side of online shopping. Is Findcoou Legit or Not?

Specifications on Findcoou

  • The portal shared the contact phone number for customer support, which is (701) 937-3555.
  • The URL of the podium is
  • It doesn’t give the address of the company, so we can’t visit the office.
  • The newsletter is also available on the website.
  • Findcoou doesn’t have a Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter account, so there isn’t any traffic.
  • Findcoou User’s reviews are not visible in any portals like websites, social networking sites, trustpilots, etc.
  • You can reach us during business hours (1:00 PM GMT – 6:00 PM GMT).
  • Within 30 days after receiving the product, you may request a refund.
  • After you submit your details, you can see the payment mode. Before that, payment methods remain hidden.
  • It is completely secure thanks to protocols and SSL integration.
  • The shipping policy has been mentioned by the company on the webpage.

Positive Features

  • You can take a Findcoouas all of the main aspects are represented on the podium.
  • All plants are affordable, and they look fresh and appealing.
  • You can return delicate items.

Negative Features

  • It has a very limited selection of products.
  • Discounts are not currently available
  • There is currently no page available on this social networking platform.
  • There is no evidence of shopper reviews.
  • The payment mode is secret.
  • The company address is not listed.

We recommend that you review the website carefully and make sure it is authentic.

Is Findcoou Legit or Not

  • Portal secured the trust rank, which is 47.5 out of 100.
  • It was established a few months earlier, 03/12/2021.
  • It will expire 03/12/2022 in the last year.
  • The trust index can be found on the internet of podium.
  • The founder information is not available anywhere.
  • It copied content from another website to create the podium. Please be cautious.
  • We do not require user feedback.
  • Social networking is absent, which means there is no social media activity.

The lack of important aspects makes it look suspicious. You can then investigate further and consider purchasing from Findcoou .

Customer’s Findcoou Reviews

Findcoou claims that they have many collections of plants, including Cleveland, at an affordable price.

We then went through the site to gather more user feedback. Unfortunately, there is no line on any of the trusted podiums.


Finally, this article can be won with a few points like the new online era. Claims Cleveland Plants, etc.; no user’s Findcoou present, an average trust rank, hidden payment method, no shared office location, and many others.

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