Who Is Frank Vallelonga Jr Sopranos? Read About Age, Net Worth & Other Details!

Is Frank Vallelonga Jr. discovered dead? Did Frank pass away? Frank Vallelonga Jr., the actor’s body has been discovered after being thrown from a car in front of the Bronx-based factory on the 28th of November 2022.

When the body was identified as being that of Vallelonga Jr. The news shocked everyone across all across the United States and other countries around the globe. Scroll down to read about the tragedy which was faced by Frank Vallelonga Jr Sopranos and the cause of his death.

Who did Frank Vallelonga Jr.?

It was Sopranos stars Frank Vallelonga, better known for his role in the film Tony Lip, had a son who was named Vallelonga Jr. Don Shirley was a jazz musician who employed Lip in the early 1960s. A enforcer in his Copacabana nightclub, Lip was Lip’s chauffeur as well as security while on tour.

The Oscar-winning 2018 Green Book film, starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali, and written by Vallelonga the son of Lip, Nick was an inspiration from their years of traveling. Frank Jr’.s Age was 60 at the time of his passing. Rudy Vallelonga, Frank Vallelonga Jr.’s real-life uncle, starred in the film.

Frank Vallelonga Jr’s cause of death:

While the precise cause of Vallelonga’s death is yet be discovered Police officers were advised that Frank probably had an overdose and died.

As per the police, he was not breathing at the time of his discovery as well as “no apparent evidence of an attack or trauma” were observed. It’s possible that Vallelonga had been homeless, based on reports of the authorities.

Frank Vallelonga Jr’s Net Worth:

The net worth of Frank Vallelongs Junior was about 1-9 million USD prior to his death. He made his fortune mainly through acting.

Is anyone accused of securing the body of Frank Jr?

A Bronx man believed to be the driver who threw the remains of Vallelonga’s body out of the vehicle that was moving was arrested. He is 35 years old. Steven Smith is accused of concealing the body. As of now the investigation is going on, according to police.

Meet about the families of Frank Vallelonga Jr Sopranos:

Frank Vallelonga, better known under the Tony Lip, his stage name Tony Lip, was the father of the late artist Vallelonga Jr.

Before Lip died in the year 2013 he often played mob leaders in his film career, but particularly as a character in the HBO series “The Sopranos” as Carmine Lupertazzi.

Frank Vallelonga Junior has never divulged much information about his private life. Thus, the personal details of his family members, including his wife and children are not known.

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