Guy Gets Face Ripped Off By Chimps – What Happened To St. James Davis? Read All Info

A Chimp assaulted a man St. James Davis, in March 2005. Davis as well as his wife LaDonna visited their 38-year-old chimp child, Moe, at a sanctuary. The two were forced to relocate him in a cage after West Covina, California officers forcedly removed Moe out of their house. They gave Moe a birthday cake to mark his birthday. Two other chimps brutally assaulted Davis. This all happened in the year 2005. Read on to find out how the Guy gets his face ripped off by Chimps.

What Happens When A Guy Has His Face Stripped Off by Chimps?

According to an Esquire Magazine account, it is stated that when St. James faced the Chimp He turned to look for the Chimp coming towards him. With both hands, he pulled the huge beast. Both chimpanzees pounced. One of them grasped Davis with the form of a bear hug, and then gnawed into the bone just above his right eyebrow. He then stuck his fingers into Davis’s right eye and smashed the eye out.

What happened to St. James Davis?

The animal clamped its teeth against Davis’s nose, cutting it off, and the other Chimp took Davis’s fingers and chewed them. The chimp cut into his claws and tore the skin off of the face of Davis’s right and caused it to fall over and over the left eye, which blinded Davis. One of them put their teeth in Davis’s skull, and put his jaws in Davis’s mouth. They ripped off the majority of his mouth and teeth. David tried to place one of his hands into the Chimp’s throat, but it was a challenge as the Chimp was chewing the crook, and he was unable to remove it.

St. James Davis Was slain by Chimp

On March 5, 2005 Davis was able to escape a horrific Chimpanzee attack at an California animal rescue centre. His nose and mouth were cut off as well as his left foot (left) was broken and his eye was smashed out, and the majority of his fingers were eaten.

Davis had been in a medically-induced sleep coma for a number of months. He has had over sixty procedures since.

Davis told me, “I remember every bite each one at a time. I can remember going to put my hands on my face and my fingers appeared terrifying.”

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