Holly Weaver Smith {2022} Tik Tok Video By Holly Weaver Smith Goes Viral!

This article discusses a Tik Tok clip by Holly Weaver Smith. It is becoming viral on social networking and netizens have expressed outrage at it.

Have you seen the Tik Tok video where a Tik Tok member makes racist remarks about a Carolina woman? A Tik Tok clip featuring Holly Weaver is viral on social media platforms. People are negative reacting to her comments.

Most internet users in the United States dislike racial slurs in any community. Instead, they use different platforms to vent their frustrations. Some victims make the victim’s racial slur visible, but Holly Weaver Smith has voiced her opinion on Mexicans and posted the Tik Tok Video to Instagram.

Weaver Viral Tok video:

A video was uploaded on various social media platforms, on 27 June 2022. The video has been viewed over 90 000 times and over 600 people have retweeted it. According to the video, the woman was on a week-long vacation to Mexico when she developed a foul-smelling odor.

She tried sprays and other solutions but it didn’t work. It seems that she was seeking out suggestions from others in order to eliminate the bad smell.

Holly Weaver Smith Boutique

Holly runs a boutique near Lexington in North Carolina. Her presence is on Facebook and Instagram. The owner of the business has been targeted because people respond angrily to the racist videos.

Sweet Savannah boutique’s owner Holly is rated 4.4 stars and has received 77 votes. The Sweet Savannah store Facebook page was unavailable at the time I wrote this post. To prevent any negative comments about her racist videos, the owner must have temporarily blocked access to the account. Holly Weaver Smith viral video has caused a lot more outrage among netizens. Many suggest that people stop buying clothes at Savannah boutique.

Holly Intention behind “Racial slur” Tik Tok Vid:

Holly is clearly making fun of Mexicans, and blaming Mexicans for the foul smell. The video captioned “What does dirty Mexican smell like?” blames a particular community.

It is difficult to comprehend her motivation for posting the video on social networks. Holly seems to want to get rid of her bad smell. But the racial slur is unacceptable.


The video’s fifty-eight second duration is being called a racial slur about Mexicana people and culture. Holly’s comments sparked strong reactions. Some netizens suggest Holly visit the doctor to have her bad body odor checked.

Others also question her bad odor and are upset about the video comment. Many want to find out the motivation behind Holly Smith ‘s racially charged comment.

Final verdict

People must realize that racist slurs can’t be ignored and must refrain from excluding any one group. Holly Weaver Smith believes in the need for social media platforms to be more aggressive against racist comments. Holly Smith’s comment can be shared in the comments section.

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