How Did Vanessa Guillen Die: Explore More About Vanessa Guillen And How She Died

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Are you familiar with “I Am Venessa Guillen?” Netflix has created a new true crime documentary series. People worldwide, including those from the United States, are curious to find out more about Vanessa Guillen.

This documentary will expose who was behind Vanessa Guillen’s death and the family’s relentless fight for justice. Continue reading this article How Did Vanessa Guillen Pass Away

What is the cause of Vanessa Guillen’s sudden death?

Officials detained Aaron Robinson, an Army Specialist, and Cecily Aguilar as they were accused of the murder Vanessa Guillen. According to the court’s documents, Aaron attacked Vanessa Guillen’s head with a rock and ended up killing her. He then hid her body in large boxes and tried to burn and dismember Vanessa.

What happens to Aaron Robinson or Cecily Alguilar?

Aaron Robinson was found dead with a firearm just days before the public became aware of the charges. Cecily, Robinson’s girlfriend, pleaded guilty to the Grand Jury and her trial was scheduled for the start of January 2023.

According to NYT, the army leaders will not be discussing the Vanessa Guillen killing case.

How did Vanessa Guillen and her family react to her autopsy reports?

Her family was furious that Vanessa was killed and her mother had revealed the motive behind her death. They were able to meet Donald Trump during their pursuit. They were furious at the way the Army handled the matter.

Guillen’s family lawyer Natalie Khawam filed an August 2022 lawsuit for $35 Million against the US Army.


Aaron used a hammer to repeatedly hit Vanessa’s head, and ultimately killed her. 

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