How To Solve Instagram Not Showing Gallery Photos Error

Twitter was once again contacted by users of Instagram to report that their photo galleries are not appearing on the app. Below you will find possible solutions to this issue if your are one of them. For quick fixes to the Photo Gallery Error on Instagram, continue reading.

Instagram is now a hub for all things Glitch. Glitcho-gram is a term that some users have given Instagram, and we are delighted.

Recent errors have started to appear in the app, and users aren’t happy. Many users have had to deal with errors such as not being able view the filters and not being able not to send DMs. Instagram’s performance is not being appreciated by users because of these errors.

The users are now confronted with another problem: the users report that they can’t access their gallery while trying to upload a photograph to the app. Similar errors were reported by users who revealed that they could not access the camera feature after tapping on the Story button.

These errors are all destroying user experience on Instagram. Instagram needs to take corrective steps.

Below you will find all of the information we have on Photo Gallery Not showing on Instagram error. Take a look.

How Do I Fix An Instagram Error That Doesn’t Allow You To See Your Photo Gallery?

As the name implies, the ‘Photo Gallery No Showing on Instagram error’ is stopping users from accessing their photo gallery. The gallery does not show up when you attempt to upload new pictures on the platform.

Normaly, tapping on the Plus Icon will take you to your gallery and the camera option at top-left of your screen. You can scroll through the gallery to view the videos and images you wish to download.

This feature is not available at the moment. Many users report that they cannot upload photos because the gallery does not appear.

Instagram has not resolved the problem despite many complaints from users.

Instagram Error Gallery Not Showing Quick Solution

We have listed possible solutions for this issue below, even though Instagram has not issued an official fix.

1. Check your Internet Connection

It could be caused by poor internet connectivity. Restart your router and check your internet connectivity to resolve the problem. To get rid of the problem, you may also want to restart your phone.

2. Re-install Your Insta App

You can re-install the Instagram app to fix this problem. First, delete the Instagram app from your device and then install it again from app store. Here you’ll find an updated Instagram App that may be less glitchy.

3. Updating Your Instagram App

An alternative solution to this problem is to upgrade your Instagram app. Sometimes an outdated version of the app can lead to problems. It is important to ensure that your app is always up-to-date.

4. Clear The App Cache

To get rid of the error, you can delete all redundant files from your app. Apps can start to behave erratically when they accumulate in the cache. Clearing out cache can also make it easier to avoid making mistakes and causing glitches.

Performance of the app may also be affected if you don’t have enough mobile storage.

The Final Words

This article will explain what the Photo Gallery Problem on Instagram error means and possible fixes. I trust you found the information helpful.

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