How To Start Earning Money From Blockchain Games – Read Exclusive Info!

In this post, we’re going to discuss how the opportunities to earn money from blockchain games is different from other kinds of games and the best way to make money playing them.

If you’ve played any games in the last decade or so, you can be sure you can’t find a way to not have heard of blockchain technology. The technology has been in use since 2008 and is now gaining popularity because of its claim of being safe and transparent simultaneously.


Blockchain in general is based on three fundamental principals:

  • Decentralization (no single entity holds the information). It is the case in all the cryptos operating on the market for cryptocurrency.
  • Immutability (the information is not able to be altered after it has been to verification).
  • Transparency (all transactions are available to anyone).

The three fundamentals are the fundamental concept behind blockchain technology that was first presented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of his Bitcoin whitepaper published in 2008.

Blockchain is a decentralized database that stores transactions. It’s a means to store information that is accessible to the public, safe impervious, transparent, and decentralized.

The Three Main Principles of Blockchain

The three fundamental principled Blockchain are:

Decentralized means there is no one person or entity who controls or owns the network. In contrast to a central system, where one person controls all information and transactions on their servers In a decentralized system, every user has access to their own ledger and is accountable for maintaining it.

Blockchain technology is decentralized in nature. Some are however more decentralized than other blockchain technologies (see Consensus Algorithms below).

Transparent: Once it is recorded in a blockchain ledger the information is not able to be altered or erased. This makes it unchangeable and also transparent, as anyone can view its data at any moment without requiring approval from an official or intermediary.

Immutable: A record stored on blockchains is not able to be altered by or changed. This is due to its cryptographic hash function assures that any change would generate an entirely new hash number which is distinct from the prior value (which can be stored on various copies of that specific block).

How are Blockchain Games Different?

If you are playing a traditional game, all choices are made by an authority central to the game. The company that developed the game has complete control of everything from the art assets to game balance as well as new features.

The game might look and feel different for each players, however it’s the same thing regardless of where you purchase it or from whom you purchase it from.

Blockchain games differ from other games since they’re not centralized in any manner. There’s no one authority that is responsible for all of us.

Crypto Legends – This game is an online trading card game that lets you accumulate different blockchain cards, and play them against other players. The more fights you win, the higher your standing is. When you win a fight, you will earn rewards in form of crypto tokens that you can use to purchase more cards. Additionally, you earn bonus points when you complete missions or other tasks that are given by game’s developers. This is not just fun, but it also allows you to earn money playing!

Ethereum Empire Ethereum Empire another game that is based on blockchain technology which allows players to accumulate the Ethereum-based (ETH) cards, and fight with other players from around the world on their online platforms. The objective of this game is to build the ultimate Ethereum Empire by increasing your ETH reserves through intelligent investment through buying and selling various kinds of ETH cards at every turn!

Blockchain Cuties – This is yet another cryptocurrency-themed video game based on collectible pets called Cuties! You must sign up an account at least once prior to you can play this entertaining and addictive game where every cute pet comes with its own set of traits, including features such as the color of its fur and eyes, as well as other features.


MakerDAO was established in 2015 by Rune Christensen. Its headquarters are at Zug, Switzerland. MakerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) which manages the Dai stable cryptocurrency system. Also, MakerDAO uses blockchain technology to let users create and control digital assets via smart contracts built on its platform.

To make use of certain functions that are part of MakerDAO, in order to use certain features of MakerDAO ecosystem, you’ll require MKR tokens. The cryptocurrency native to the ecosystem is used as collateral to secure loan against Ether assets if you are looking to convert them into solid assets such as DAI tokens , or USD-pegged stability currencies like PETH tokens in 1:1 ratio, and. It is possible to purchase these tokens on exchanges like Binance as well as Coinbase Pro or hold onto them until they reach their maximum potential value in the ecosystem!

Gods Unchained

The first thing to be aware of is that God’s Unchained a game played with cards.

Every player has their own god card that allows them to summon creatures to the battlefield. In addition every player has an arsenal of cards that which they can use to cast spells and summon additional creatures. You’ll win by dismantling the god of your opponent, even though they try at doing the exact to you!


If you’re trying to earn money through the blockchain game, Etheremon is a good starting point.

It’s a decentralized game in which you can train, catch and fight Etheremon. You can also purchase as well as sell Etheremon. The greatest thing about Etheremon is there’s three ways to earn money with the platform:

  • By catching and then selling Etheremons
  • You can fight other players by using your honed Etheremons
  • By collecting fragments (which are used to create the process of evolution)


Cryptopop is a game in which you can purchase trade, sell, or buy digitally collectible characters. It is free to play and is available via Steam or directly on the Cryptopop website.

New characters can be found by a variety of methods:

  • They can be purchased through the store with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as well as Ethereum. You can also earn them by completing missions through the online game.
  • It is also possible to mix two characters from the past to create a brand new character by using specific breeding tokens which are available in limited-edition bundles available on this Cryptopop website.

Earn Money From Blockchain Games

There is a possibility to make cash from games that use blockchain technology, however it is contingent on the game you play and the level of participation and involvement in the game. The primary methods of earning money is trading, fighting breeding, selling assets in exchange for other players.

Earning from playing games’ in-game currencies.

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