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This article describes the viral news and the actual situation. Drew’s Video, Brees Lightning will provide more details.

Twitter uploaded an image of the NFL’s quarterback facing lightning in a shot early Friday. The news was believed to be confirmed by people from the United States. Recent reports have suggested that Brees wasn’t struck by lightning, and that the whole episode was fake. To learn more, please read the Drew Video Brees Lightning article.

Sportsbook Company corrects the error

Drew’s fans immediately flocked to Twitter to ask Drew about his health after the advertisement was posted online. PointsBet Sportsbook recognized the growing anxiety surrounding the former quarterback.

Initial information was withheld by the company, and they only tweeted: “We are aware of the controversy surrounding PointsBet spokesperson Drew Brees. We have been in touch with Brees’ staff and will continue to monitor the situation. Drew posted a brief message on Twitter a few hours later to reassure his supporters that he was doing “fine”.


Sources claim Drew stated that Drew had assured a journalist that Drew was “alive” and well in a statement. On December 2, Drew Brees sent a message to Drew Brees that stated, “I just sent Drew Brees a SMS. He claimed to be in good physical condition and that he was not struck by lightning. The former Football star recorded an advert for PointsBet (a gambling company) during the operation. The footage was shot in Venezuela’s Catatumbo Valley, which is the busiest electric hotspot in the world. It’s not surprising that Drew believed that the video was authentic and that Drew was in danger.

What happened Drew Brees’ ?

Many media outlets tried to figure out if something was wrong, but many, including NBC Sports had concluded that the video might be fake. Drew Brees verified the authenticity of the video online and found it funny enough to make a joke about. Some Saints fans may disagree.

Video showing viral lighting reactions from fans

There are many interesting responses to Drew’s false film of lightning striking Drew. Some people did use the medium to ask Drew about his health, but most used it to make fun of the situation with funny memes.

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