Institute Ny Chautauqua (August) Who Was Stabbed At Chautauqua Institution?

This article about Institute NY Chautauqua will provide information to our readers on the events surrounding that of Sir Salman Rushdie attack.

Have you had the pleasure of reading”The Satanic Verses” “The The Satanic Verses” written by Salman Rushdie? Salman Rushdie was stabbed on stage. The story of a stage attacker stabbing an author who is well-known on stage is a topic of discussion across the United States. This happened at the Institute NY Chautauqua. Please read this article to find out who was the person who stabbed the actor Mr. Salman Rushdie on stage and how this incident came to happen. This post contains all of these information.

About The Incident

Salman Rushdie was born in Bombay and is a novelist from the United States of America. His works blend the best of historical fiction with magical realist. The late Sir Salman Rushdie was facing death threats over his book “The The Satanic Verses.”

On the 12th of August the famous On the 12th of August, Sir Salman Rushdie was about to speak to a large crowd. He sat in the chair, waiting for his turn to speak to the crowd about “Artistic freedom.” In the account, a participant who was present at the Institute NY Chautauqua The attacker sprinted into the stage and struck the writer several times on his neck and his torso.

Police Investigation in this particular case

Police probed the case after being summoned to investigate by the group. Police confirmed that they identified the suspect as Hadi Matar and are now looking for his criminal history as well as his nationality. The police arrested the suspect on the spot. According to reports, Hadi Matar’s social media account revealed that he had a connection to Shia Extremism. Salman’s team member told him that they are in a ventilator and that the attacker injured his nerves and liver.

The Institute NY Chautauqua invited Salman Rushdie to give a talk to the audience.

Attack Video goes Viral.

In the early morning of Friday the writer was assaulted by Hadi Matar just as the writer was about to give an address. The video of the incident is gaining popularity on social media as people share their opinions and expressing their opinions about the freedom of Speech. Twitter was flooded with tweets and the hashtag #SalmanRushdie has been popular on Twitter.

One person said that it was a crime of the worst kind as a terrorist act against freedom of Speech expression, thoughts and expression. One person who was at the event on Friday said that prayers were offered to Salman Rushdie. They also criticised the management of Institute NY Chautauqua.

Javed Akhtar posted on Twitter and posted “this is a brutal assault and he prays for his health to recover.” He also calls on New York police to take swift action against the perpetrator.


In conclusion of this article We have provided our readers with information about the incident on August 12 and also provided information on the reason Hadi Mathar attacked the novelist Salman Rushdie and the people’s reaction to the viral video of the incident. The hyperlink below is the source for this article. 

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