Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested (Nov 2022) Read latest detail on Shanquella Robinson Case

Daejanae Jack Arrested The latest update has been published in the Shanquella case.

Looking for the latest information about the Shanquella-Robinson murder case? The Autopsy report has revealed the case and the investigating team is looking into other possible causes of her death. The death of Shanquella Robinson is being closely monitored and discussed by social media users in the United States. Many want justice for the soul that has died.

Daejanae, Jackson seems to be the primary accused in the case. In a leaked footage, she was seen fighting Shanquella. Daejanae Jackson Arrested post provides all the latest details on this mystery death.

Has Police Arrested Daejanae Jackson?

After receiving the Autopsy report, Shanquella Robinson’s death case was opened by the FBI investigation team. Shanquella, who was on vacation with her friends, died in Cabo (Mexico). Shanquella, who was with her friends on the trip, died from intoxication.

Autopsy reports that her neck, spine, and blood vessels were damaged. There were no alcohol traces in her blood. On social media, a leaked video showed Robinson being beat by Daejanae. Mexico police are asking for Daejanae’s extradition and she could be arrested shortly.

Arrest Made In Shanquella Robinson Case:

Shanquella’s death certificate clarified that excessive movement at the top vertebrate resulted in severe spinal cord injury and death. Further, the death occurred fifteen minutes after the injury.

According to media reports, the Mexican prosecutor stated that he is working closely with the United States foreign offices and Mexico in order to extradite the suspect. According to him, the death was caused by direct attack on the aggressor and an arrest warrant for the suspect has been issued.

The Mexican Attorney General confirmed that a warrant had already been issued for the femicide criminal offense.

Khalil CookeIs He In Jail?

Shanquella was on vacation with six of the friends she had on 28 Oct and was found dead on 29 Oct 2022. Robinson was also accompanied on the Mexico trip by Khalil Cooke, a close family friend. According to Robinson’s mother, he was usually with his family and has been known for five years.

Khalil called Salamondra in October to report that her daughter was extremely ill due alcohol poisoning. On 29th October, Khalil informed Salamondra that she had brought her luggage from Mexico. The death case has not been revealed by the police. There is no arrest made in Shanquella Robinson Casein this country.

Who’s Daejanae Jack?

Daejanae is a friend and travel companion of Shanquella Robinson. She is also the prime suspect for the Shanquella killing case. A leaked video shows her fighting with Shanquella.

Daejanae Jackson Arrested Social media Reactions

The autopsy report, viral video of Daejanae and other evidence have given the death case a new direction. #justiceforshanquella is trending on Twitter, and netizens are seeking justice for the deceased girl. Many believe the internet played an important role in the reopening of this case.

Final verdict

While officials of the police are not open to discussing this, an arrest warrant has been issued for several friends of Shanquella. Are social media responsible in the reopening the Shanquella murder case? Please comment.

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