Is Darnell Nurse Married? Explore his Wiki, Biography, Wife, Age, Net Worth & Much More!

Darnell Nurse, a professional Ice Hockey defenseman and alternate caption for Edmonton Oilers of National Hockey League is Darnell. His parents were also athletes; Richard Nurse, his father, was a former football player, and Cathy, his mother, are both college basketball players. Fans are eager to learn if Darnell is married.

Darnell Nurse got married to Mikayla Martelli, and the couple welcomed Aiden. The couple were engaged in October 2020. They were married in October 2020, in front of many of their teammates, families, and friends.

Darnell shared his glimpse into marriage on his Instagram account @drtwofive, August 7.

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Darnell Nurse Wife

Darnell and Mikayla Marrelli were married. In October 2020, they were both engaged and married. Mikayla Marrelli, a Canadian born on September 8, 1995 was born. Sources claim that she was passionate about the arts from an early age.

Mikayla graduated Ryerson University and is a dancer by trade. The couple had been married for a while, and on May 25, 2021, Aiden Wolfe Nurse was born.

Darnell Nurse Affair and Single

According to sources such as Wikipedia, Daily Hive, Married Biography, Darnell had no previous girlfriends or affairs except for his wife, Mikayla. Darnell is married. He has a son Aiden Wolfe, a nurse.

Darnell Nurse Net Worth

Darnell Nurse’s networth is estimated at US $ 32,190,000. He is currently ranked #443 in his Hockey/NHL earning career. Darnell was also projected to be hockey-lucky at US$ 94.190.001 and signed a contract worth US $ 62,000,000.01.

Darnell Nurse Ethnicity

Darnell Nurse was the son of Richard Nurse and Cathy Nurse on February 4, 1995. He is Trinidadian of Trinidadian descent and a Canadian citizen. Darnell’s younger sister, Kia Nurse plays for the Canadian National Team as well as Connecticut Huskies.

Surprisingly, most of his family members come from sports backgrounds. His father Richard Nurse is a former Footballer, his sister Kia Nurse plays basketball, and Darnell’s uncle Donovan McNabb plays football.

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