Is Mantlea Scam : Find Its Legitimacy Here!

We recommend that you read our Mantle Reviews article to get all the details and then make your choice.

Online stores offer shoes. There are many online stores that sell footwear. But we’ll be discussing a specific shoe shop today. Mantle is the name for this shoe store. It has received lots of responses from members of the United .

We’ll be covering the details and facts about this website in just a few minutes. To avoid any future problems, our suggestion to you is to read the Mantle reviews before making a purchase from this website.

Introduction to the Website

This ecommerce site was launched in 2022. This site is known for selling only shoes. They only sell sneakers and athletic shoes. Their shoes come from premium brands such as Nike, Dunk, Air Jordan, Dunk, etc.

Their products are very expensive. They do not offer any discounts at the moment. The site offers free shipping anywhere in the world. However, the portal URL and website Url are different. Let’s learn more about this site to find out Is Mantle Legit, or vice versa.

Specifications to the Mantle Website

  • Domainage- Website is new. It was created 1.5 months ago, on 2022/07/12.
  • Products Offerned- This web site offers shoes.
  • Delivery Options The estimated time of delivery for the US to your order is 7-15 working days.
  • Contact Phone Number- These people do not have a number.
  • Company Name-The company address of the user is not listed on this website.
  • Return Policy-Products will be accepted back within 30 days from their delivery.
  • Policy of Exchange – It is possible to exchange your products.
  • Payment forms- MasterCard and Visa are accepted.
  • Return Policy- Check out Mantle reviews PayPal for more information. Within 24 hours, a credit card refund is sent to the account. It will take between 3-15 days.
  • Newsletter-Newsletter is not available on this website.
  • Next, we will be discussing the positives and the negatives aspects of the site.

Positive Features of the Mantle Web

  • HTTPS is used to protect the website, which is a good sign.

Negative Features of the Mantle Web

  • The newsletter is unavailable
  • Customers will not receive discounts, which is a bad thing.
  • This website does NOT have any social media accounts.
  • Unfortunately, there was no customer feedback.
  • The contact information provided by the company has not been authentic and complete.
  • The website has a limited life expectancy. The question is Mantle Legit then arises.
  • The Url names and Portal names do not match.

Is It A Legitimate Web Site?

We will look at the parameters of this website to see if it’s legitimate or a scam.

  • Website Founding Date- The website was built on 2022/07/12. This cannot be trusted.
  • Website Validation Deadline –Website remains valid for one year, or until 2023/07/12.
  • Trust score-This website managed only 2%, which isn’t up to the mark.
  • Owner Information- Learn more via Mantle HTML3_ Reviews HTML3_.
  • Trust Rating – TRUST Rank is unavailable.
  • Customers Feedback– There is no single customer feedback on the website.
  • SocialMedia Accounts-Socialmedia presence does not exist.
  • Address Authentication-Company address is unavailable.
  • Policies All policies available.
  • Content quality- The about US content is 100% plagiarized.
  • Discounts-Discounts do not exist


The Mantle, a website that sells footwear, is young and doesn’t have a social media presence. It is not clear who their contact information are and if they have Mantle reviews . This makes it appear that the website may be fraudulent. This is what you should do if you want your refund via your credit card.

Do you want to purchase some shoes from this website? Do not rush. Read the article first. Then, comment in the box below.

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