Is Mazi Smith Arrested? Who Is Mazi Smith? Read To Know More

Mazi Smith is a well known Michigan football player. He was arraigned on Thursday on a charge of felony firearm offense in Washtenaw County Court. The school did not suspend Mazi’s defensive coordinator and Mazi is set to play in Saturday’s Big Ten championship game.

Ann Arbor police detained Mazi, a senior Wolverine captain, after he was found with a gun in his car during a traffic stop for speeding on October 7. The department issued a press statement on Thursday. Scroll down for more information about mazi Smith’s arrest.

Mazi Smith Arrested

Eli Savit (the Washtenaw county Prosecutor) said Mazi had a firearm when he pulled him over on October 7. However, the charges weren’t filed right away as the player was not taken into custody.

Eli Savit might have had 48 hour to come up with a charging conclusion if Mazi was not arrested. Mazi was charged with the crime on November 30.

Mazi Smith Age

Mazi Smith was born in 2001 on June 16th, and is now 21 years of age. On Thursday, Mazi Smith’s attorney said that the player was in the process to obtain a concealed pistol license. The attorney stated that Mazi had since obtained the license. Mazi’s bond was set to $5,000 personal recognizance.

Mazi Smith Gun Crimes

Mazi was arrested on Thursday afternoon. He was then released on a personal recognizance bonds. The player is prohibited from traveling outside of the state, except for with the football team. Mazi can play in the College Football Playoff on Saturday if the Wolverines are successful.

Mazi Smith Arrest

According to Wade Manuel the Michigan Athletic Director Mazi will continue playing.

Wade released the following statement: “We are aware about the charge against Mazi arising from a October traffic stop. Mazi was honest, open, cooperative, and forthcoming from the beginning. He is a remarkable young man. He is not, and has never been, a threat to the university nor the community. Based on the information provided, we will allow the judicial proceedings to continue. Mazi will continue his participation as a team member.”

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