Is Trike a Wordle Word {July} Find Today’s Wordle Game Answer!

The guide will provide information on the word TRIKE that has five letters to be aware of readers who know Trike is a Wordle Word.

Are you aware of how to solve Wordle #396 released on the 20th of July, 2022? Many people in America, Canada and the United States, Canada, as well as the United Kingdom have answered correctly by using clues available.

Based on the clues that were provided, the solution to Wordle 20th July is TRITE and many of the players were able to guess correctly. Because the word begins with TRI Many players thought of TRIKE as the solution for Wordle #396. Therefore, many people are puzzled and want to know is Trike the word in the Wordle Word and the correct solution to the Wordle 396.

Is Trike an appropriate Wordle Word?

Yes the word the word TRIKE is a scrabble Wordle word with an important meaning. However, it’s not the correct answer for question #396. The answer is TRIKE, which was guessed by many people on 20th July 2022 in order to answer the question.

Based on the clues, the solution to Wordle #396 begins with TRI and, therefore, many participants thought that it was TRIKE due to its meaning that begins with TRI. The meaning behind it is tricycle and it begins with the letter TRI. The players had to guess the word that was used to answer the question on the 20th of July.

Is Trike an actual wordle Word – What is the Best Answer to Wordle #396?

After conducting an online search the results, we’ve discovered it was Wordle 396 released the 20th of July. There were a lot of clues to be found from which many participants had the correct answer. The clues indicate that the five-letter word that answers the question #396 starts with the letters TRI.

A lot of players believed that the correct answer was TRIKE which is a reference to tricycle. But, it was actually the wrong choice since the right answer is TRITE. Since the word TRITE begins with TRI the majority of players believed TRIKE was the correct answer.

As a lot of players had thought TRIKE was the solution to this question other players began searching on the internet to find out is Trike a Wordle word. The word TRIKE is tricycle so it is taken as the right Wordle word, however it’s not the best solution to the riddle #396.

Why is the word TRIKE trending?

The word TRIKE has been the Wordle word that is trending with the users since many have knew the word to solve riddle number 396. The challenge was to figure out the five letters of a word beginning with TRI. Thus, many participants guessed that TRIKE was the answer and many wanted to know if this was the correct answer to riddle, and if Trike a Wordle word.

After looking into the matter, we concluded that TRIKE is an acceptable Scrabble word, which translates to tricycle. However, it wasn’t the correct answer to riddle number 396. Because a lot of Wordle users have guessed the solve the riddle, it’s being discussed amongst players.


Wordle 396 released the 20th of July 2022. Players must guess five letters beginning with TRI. Many people thought that TRIKE was the answer, however it wasn’t correct because the correct choice was TRITE. Since a lot of people thought they knew the answer, everyone started search engines for the word that they needed to know. What is Trike an actual Wordle Word. Trike is an Wordle word, however it’s not the correct answer to the riddle.

What were the words you could have guessed for riddle number 396? Share it in the comments section.

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