Is Volsia Legit {Aug 2022} Know Everything About It

Have you checked this Volsia Review prior to making purchases on this site? Read this article and get additional valuable information too.

Have you ever wondered how to avoid falling for fraud? Our platform aids readers to be aware of new websites for shopping and the products they offer. We provide all the essential information about the website and also comment on their credibility to save them time and money.

Today, we’re here with another review of websites This time, we will be discussing this France-based web site The products can be purchased on the internet from the United States or any other country.

However, is this site legit? How do Volsia reviews provide about it? Find out!

What exactly is is an internet-based shop that deals in household products and other items. The company is dedicated to providing the latest and most efficient cleaning products to customers who are passionate about making a healthy home for themselves as well as their family members.

You can find microfiber towels and improved toilet brushes. multi-functional brooms, anti-hair and brush for lint, flexible extendable brooms, and much more. Also, you can find Sneakers bags for travel women’s corsets and women’s phone holders , and more.

The description box for the product provides all the information about how to use the product, as well as the specifications.

But the most important question is: is Volsia Legit? Is it a reliable website? We’ll require more information to determine this. Let’s locate it.

The specifications of

Here are the essential requirements of that you should read:

  • URL:
  • Domain age: This website was registered on the 12th of November 2021. The domain is 9 months and 5 days old.
  • Categories: many household items Women’s clothing, footwear, and much more.
  • No phone number for customer service is available on the site.
  • Address of the company: No address for a warehouse, office, or office address is provided on the site.
  • Other contact information: on Volsia Review we advise users that they can direct send a message to the company using the contact form available on the website.
  • Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday, from 9 AM until 5:45 pm.
  • Social media icons No icon for social media is available visible on their website. However, we did find the Facebook profile of their company.
  • Delivery and shipping policy: The company provides worldwide shipping for its products. Processing time for orders is 1 to 2 working days. Delivery is between about 2-4 weeks.
  • Option to track your order: You can track the order by using the tracking number that is shared with you.
  • Accepted payment options: credit cards such as American Express, Visa, Master card, and Apple Pay.
  • Return policy: In this Volsia Review review, we will inform that the company has an extremely strict 30-day return policy. The item must be returned in its original condition in order to be eligible for a refund.
  • Refund policy: If the request for refund is approved following a thorough inspection of the product the company will refund the amount within a set period of time.

Benefits of

Below are a few benefits from shopping online at

  • Free shipping
  • Half off all products
  • 30-day return policy
  • Secure and secure payments
  • Customer support after sales is provided

Con’s of

Here are some bad news concerning

  • Customer reviews that are negative
  • The limited life expectancy of the domain

Is Volsia Legit?

  • Domain age Age: Nine months, five days and the day old
  • Domain Expiration date: 12 November 2022
  • Trust score: Only one percent trust score is attributable to
  • Trust Rank: No ranking of trust is currently available.
  • Global Alexa rank: # 741331
  • Plagiarized content: We discovered that certain content on this site is copied from other websites for shopping.
  • Policies of the customer: The company has published its policies on its website.
  • Customer reviews: We have discovered negative customer reviews on
  • The legitimacy of The email address appears to be legitimate. However, the company hasn’t responded.
  • Owner’s information: No details of the owner’s are shared
  • Unrealistic discounts: The company provides free delivery and 50% off items.
  • The presence of social media on the internet: None

Volsia Review

As mentioned earlier in this article, there are only negative customer reviews have been found for Some customers have branded this site fraudulent because they haven’t received their purchase. One customer said that she had contacted the company, but did not receive a response.

Another customer reported that he did not receive the purchase and that the company had made it clear saying that it would deliver the package soon and did not offer a refund.

Do you still believe that it’s safe to buy on the internet from Comment!

Final Verdict:

This Volsia Reviews piece we discovered that the website is not authentic. Although it provides many advantages when shopping online, reviews of customers indicate that you should stay clear of Customers never received their purchase and were unable to get any refund.

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