Who Is Ivana Knoll? Things You Want To Know About Ivana Knoll? Know His Wiki, Boyfriend, Age, Height & More!

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Ivana is an Worldwide celebrity because she was Miss Croatia. She is also a prominent model and social influencer.

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What’s the Twitter Post Name?

Ivana was in the news and trend because of her recent post about Croatia’s position in the Fifa World Cup semifinal. She wished Croatia’s football team all the best for the semifinal round. People are familiar with her because she is a prominent model from Croatia. Twitter and other social networks are abuzz with her wish for Croatia. She is also known for her social media content. Ivana was Miss Croatia .

Who’sIvana Knoll?

Ivana Knoll was birthed in Frankfurt, Germany, September 16, 1992. She lived in Frankfurt for 7 years and then moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina. She now resides in Zagreb, Croatia. Ivana has become a household name. She is a Croatian actress, a social media influencer and a TV personality. She is most well-known for her career as a model. Recent controversy has been caused by her wearing inappropriate clothes at Qatar Stadium.

Boyfriend Ivana

Ivana, one of the most charming women in the world. Many are surprised to learn that despite her beauty, attractiveness, and fidelity to her husband, she is unmarried. Ivana has been a target of many boys due to her extraordinary physical appearance. She has yet to have a boyfriend, according to the report. No further reports have been made about her personal life. Most of her life, she is quiet about her personal affairs. She has not shared any reasons why she’s not married. Reddit or other social media platforms don’t provide any details about her personal life.

Ivana Knoll More About

Ivana reached great heights after she became a model. She has also been associated with many swimwear and outfit brands. Wearknolldoll. This clothing company was founded by her. She is not only a successful model and entrepreneur but also a prominent social media creator, and a TV personality. She is now 30, and has achieved a lot in her life, even before she turned 30. She is known for sharing her modeling content via social media. She graduated from Yangon American International School. After graduating at the University of Rijeka in 2004, she began her career in the modelling industry.

Ivana: Family and Other Details

Ivana does not reveal any details about her parents or siblings. She only revealed her birthplace of birth and her date of birth. She is a Christian by religion and her native country is Croatian. Height of Ivana measures 5 feet 11 inch. Her Net Worth is estimated at $2 million. She proves that dedication and hard work have been key to her success. Due to her engaging content on social media, she has attracted many people and has 1.9million followers on her Insta account. Her posts tend to be about her personal life and travel. To update her social media profiles, she is constantly updating them. She is very active in her Instagram account.


Ivana encountered controversy recently when she was seen in her high-waisted outfit in Qatar at the Fifa World cup. 

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