Kegura Jewelry Store Reviews – Is It Scam or Legit? Details

Kegura, an online store selling jewelry and fashion accessories at reduced prices, is called Kegura. Online shoppers are skeptical about the legitimacy of this online retailer. So we’ve created this review. You can read the full article to find out more details about this brand-new Jewelry store.

The number of online shops is increasing, making it more difficult for shoppers to choose the right place to shop. There are fake stores and crooks that trick online shoppers. This is why buyers should do their research before buying anything.

Customers reported that the store, which sells fashion accessories, was a scam. These are the details you need to know if this is an online store you want to visit.

What is Kegura Jewelry exactly?

Kegura, a new Jewelry shop, sells all types of fashion accessories. The store sells watches, bracelets, sunglasses, rings, and other accessories. The discount factor applied to each product makes it suspicious.

Although the website offers a user-friendly interface, it is missing some crucial information like phone number, owner’s details and customer support. We found duplicate content on the website which isn’t something that is common among legitimate websites. Additionally, only positive reviews have been given to the website which isn’t typical for such online stores.

Additionally, the website failed to gain a good trust score. This is not a positive sign. Some users claimed that almost every product has hidden charges, and that the policies are not transparent.

Kegura Jewelry Review

The following are the points we considered in order to provide an impartial review for Kegura Jewelry.

  • Domain creation date
  • Refund Policy
  • Contact details
  • Trust Score
  • Social media presence
  • Customer reviews

Let’s get into the details of each one.

1. Domain creation date

This domain was created on March 24, 2021. The new entrants lack experience and are less successful than the sites and stores with branded brands.

2. Refund Policy

According to the reviews, offers a four-week return policy. This is a positive sign.

3. Contact Details

This website doesn’t have any contact information. It also doesn’t provide any information about its owner. Website is risky as it lacks contact details and information about email support.

4. Trust Score

When we attempted to do a test online, the website scored an incredibly low score. Accordingly, it seems suspicious.

5. Social Media Presence

This online shop is not available on any major social media sites. That’s quite odd. Yet again, the website fails in the legitimacy test.

6. Customer Reviews

Last but not least, we checked out customer reviews to see if the website is legit. While we have read some customer reviews, the vast majority of them are positive. There were no negative reviews which is not common for new websites. This makes it suspicious.

Final Verdict

After reviewing all the information, it was concluded that this website isn’t legitimate. Before you buy from the Kegura Jewelry website, make sure to consider the following factors.

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