Kevin McClam Missing {July 2022} Know Important Facts

This article provides information regarding the Kevin McClam Missing Case and highlights the most important facts about the case in order to help the reader understand the case.

Do you know anything about the 1997 disappearance case of a teenager? Do you have any information about the disappearance of a teenager in 1997? The United States has a missing person investigation that was opened in 1997. It is currently unsolved.

This article will provide crucial information on the Kevin McClam Case Missing and give details about the investigation report that officials created during that period.

Kevin McClam is who?

Kevin Lamont McClam (also known as Alexander) was the teenager who went missing in 1997. After being absent from South California for several years, police still have no clue as to why he went missing.

On March 31st 1997, he vanished. His exact location was Goose Creek. He was 14 when he disappeared.

More details about Kevin McClam Missing case

Kevin was last seen around 1:00 AM at his Charleston naval Weapon Station of America home. His family was stationed in the U.S Navy during this time. It is reported that Kevin was playing video games late at night, while his parents were asleep.

Kevin was found missing by his family. The family members couldn’t see any sign of struggle or letter in his room when they woke up. The family called the police, and after two days investigating the case of Kevin McClam, they finally found his clothes.

The clothes were found at a construction site with spray paint and no signs of struggle.

Were there witnesses during the investigation.

Kevin was last seen wandering around the construction site near sunset when he vanished. The witness stated that Kevin was wearing sneakers only and no boxers.

Thomas McCardle became the prime suspect for the murder of Kevin McClam in 2006. It was an arrest in the Kevin McClam Case Missing case.

Michael Moorcroft, another suspect in the case, says that Thomas McCardle killed the teenager. They were not able to provide any evidence so the case against them was dropped.


We saw that police tried every possible thing to get information about Kevin McClam’s missing case. Unfortunately, however, they could not achieve the desired outcome. The missing case is still mysterious and nobody knows the outcome.

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