Kris Wu Scandal Video- What Happened To Kris Wu After The Video? Check All Facts

This article provides details on Kris Wu’s Scandal Video. Kris Wu Scandal Video and informs readers about the incident as well as the most recent updates.

Have you been aware of the allegations made regarding Kris Wu regarding a teen? Kris Wu, a famous pop star in the Chinese music industry, was accused of inappropriate conduct with minors. This shocked his worldwide fan base.

If, however, you wish to learn more about the entire background about the Kris Wu Scandal Video and the consequences of the incident begin reading the story.

What was the matter with Kris Wu?

Kris Wu, a famous Chinese pop singer, was accused of causing trouble for the younger Chinese woman. The incident was reported by Weibo (A Chinese Twitter) on July 8, 2021 together with other accusations about the popular star.

Full Viral on Twitter What’s in the video?

The video shows you can see an admission from a 19-year-old woman identified as Du Meizhu, who said that Kris Wu took advantage of her, and also other allegations made by women. The exact video isn’t accessible online, so we’re not sure of the content and words.

Following the virality of the video worldwide through the social media platform Kris Wu started losing sponsorship, however, he did not deny the assertions and facts made against him by all.

Who is Kris Wu?

When the story became all over Reddit the internet was abuzz and everyone was eager to learn more about Kris Wu in detail. 

What did happen to Kris Wu after the video?

The video became to the top of the charts, many tweeted about his arrest and he became a popular issue, especially within the hashtag #MeToo campaign in China. Everybody was via the platform Instagram along with other sites to share their stories with Kris Wu.

Kris Wu was arrested for allegations of a sexual assault with various girls, which included minors on August 20, 2021. He was later indicted and sent to prison for 13 years of prison by the authorities.

Who was behind Kris Wu?

It was a shame that no one supported Kris Wu then, as his former group EXO members broke the ties to him once Kris Wu left the group. A few fans attempt to conceal the incident through the platform TikTok as well as other social media platforms suggesting that they are a body double, or fake.

There is a need for more clearer information posted online, considering that Kris Wu’s representatives recently commented on something right now.

Last words

Kris Wu was a talented person however, his prey behaviour destroyed everything around his life, resulting in a prison sentence for 13 years. Wu did horrible actions to his followers and acquaintances unknowingly, making people hate him. Take a look here

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