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What does Kristallnacht mean?

Kristallnacht also goes by the name Night of Broken Glass. It is also known under the name of the November Pogrom. A violent riot against a religious organization, particularly Jews, is called the pogrom. The pogrom, which was led by two paramilitary Nazi Party forces, Sturmabteilung (Staffel) and Schutzstaffel, took place. The pogrom saw the participation of both Hitler youths and civilians. The German authorities were not involved in the riot. Kristallnacht is when broken glass fragments littered the streets following the destruction of Jewish-owned shops and buildings.

KFC Controversy

Kristallnachthas also been popular recently, when KFC apologized after sending a promotion message that encouraged customers in Germany to mark Kristallnacht with a helping of cheesy meat. KFC sent an alert on its app recommending that customers indulge in tender cheese to mark Kristallnacht’s Memorial Day. After about an hour, another message was received apologising. They expressed their regret and promised to investigate the internal processes in order to prevent future messages. Germany marks the anniversary of Kristallnacht every year on 9 November. This solemn occasion is observed in Germany through the organization of many events.

what is kristallnacht mean?

Kristallnacht is a Nazi-run pogrom that targeted Jews. Kristallnacht was named after the destruction of Jewish-owned properties. The attack was motivated by the assassination in Paris of Ernst Vom Rath (German diplomat). Herschel grynszpan, a Paris resident and German Jew aged 17, assassinated him. Using sledgehammers, they destroyed all Jewish schools and buildings during the riot. More than 7,000 Jewish-owned businesses were destroyed. 30,000 Jewish men also were arrested and taken to concentration camps. The incident was widely reported. It was considered an important historical event. It occurred between 1933-1945.

KFC controversy received particular attention. Kristallnacht 2020 date has also been given special attention. People have been reminded of the historical event by the controversy.


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Kristallnacht takes place on the 9th of every November. It is an important historical moment. This historical event is well-known around the world.

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