Lego Star Summer Vacation – Know More About Cast And Crew

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Are you someone who likes to watch cartoons in their spare time? If so, we have something great for you. Disney+ will feature a cartoon series. To learn more about the cartoon series, please see this article.

Disney+ is extremely popular across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. This article will focus on the Lego Star Summer Vacation.

Summer Vacation By Lego Star Wars

Disney+ will premiere this brand new cartoon show on 5 August 2022. This show is not available in physical form. However, the original series was available in Blu-Ray and DVD formats. The new one will likely follow the same format.

Ken Cunningham is an established veteran of the Lego franchise and will direct the show. Other works include Lego Star wars Holiday Special (Lego Marvel Avengers: Climate Conundrum), and others.

Story Of Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation

The story begins in an anonymous universe with a flying spaceship. We see Poe, Finn, Ray, etc. This mission seems serious. Finn is the man in charge of this mission. Finn announces the motto and the starship takes off.

We also get to see the characters Palpatine, Ben Solo, Darth Vader and Ben Solo. These are the things we have seen in the trailer for the cartoon series. The trailer has been seen by many eagerly anticipating this series.

Lego Star SummerVacation Cast And Crew

You will see some icons in this cartoon series, like Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian. Anthony Daniels is one of my favourite characters. Anthony Daniels plays C-3PO. He is also known for TV shows other than Star Wars.

Dirigible Days was a non Star Wars Tv series. He also did the narration. We must now talk about Kelly Marie Tran. Kelly Marie Tran is the voice for Rose Tico. Tran is best known for her performance in Raya, the Last Dragon.

Let’s also talk about upcoming shows like Lego Star Wars SummerVacation.

Upcoming Shows Similar To Summer Vacation: Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars Holiday Special will be a hit with fans of the popular series. This series can be viewed on Disney+ and Hulu. Rey is the central protagonist in this series.

This show promises to deliver laughter, adventure, fun, and lots of entertainment. Lego Star wars, The Free Makers Adventures is also a good option. These shows are quite similar to what we discuss today.


As you can see, Lego Star Summer Vacation will entertain all cartoon fans. Are you a lover of cartoon Shows?

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