Linkt Corporation {Aug 2022} Learn More About This Scam?

Linkt Corporation, an established toll provider has issued a warning about scams it calls itself. We’ll see how scammers are swindling people today.

Do you own a personal car and love driving it? Have you thought of either a short or long route that includes a tax? Are you aware that scammers could make you feel uneasy and deplete the balance of your bank account? Wondering how?

If you’re a citizen within Australia If you are a resident of Australia, you should be cautious in this area. This is due to the fact that frauds associated with Transurban’s eTag toll business Linkt Corporation are growing. Let’s shine a the spotlight on this issue by reading this article.

What’s happened and what’s the latest news?

An Gold Coast resident was tricked by a fraudster who claimed to be the operator Linkt for more than $4000 via an SMS message to pay this toll highway. Surprisingly, she’s not the only one, as according to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) the number of victims is hundred victims who have been sucked into this fraud. The agency is receiving more than 700 complaints from January of this year that adds up to more than $29,000.

Does the suspects connected with Linkt Mont Saint Aignan?

We are talking about the Australian toll corporation Linkt and not France’s Mont Saint-Aignan Linkt. The public was confused following the news and began searching for Linkt that is a provider of telecom services in France.

Based on our study through the web, we came to learn that both differ. Before we go on we should clarify that we’re talking about Australia’s toll business.

Does the company know of the frauds?

Transurban is aware of scams targeting drivers. Transurban recognizes frauds targeting drivers, and has informed users via its official website and is working to stop fraudsters. They’ve also stated that we always recommend that you go through Linkt Corporation’s official website and app. Linkt Corporation official website and Linkt application if changes are needed.

Furthermore, they’ve stated that they will not respond to any email, SMS or calls asking to know your bank’s information since the business never sends any such message.

A few of the examples of messages that people receive:

  • Your Linkt has been blocked; Follow the link to finish the process.
  • The information about the vehicle is not kept up to date and has been disabled. To access it, click the following link.
  • The road toll hasn’t been paid as of yet. Make sure you pay the toll by visiting this page.
  • A trip toll with the date mm/dd/yyyyyyyyyy in the process; please use the payment link.

What can you do?

Linkt Corporation never asks you for money through such methods, as stated previously. If you are suspicious, then don’t click and take a screenshot and report here

Additionally If you’re directed to a scam or fraudulent site that is similar to Linkt look for common warning indications such as:

  • Spelling errors
  • The URL of the website isn’t starting with https
  • Typos or grammar errors

Action required:

  • Do not open this SMS.
  • Do not answer such calls.
  • Make a photocopy and make a report.
  • Please remove it.
  • Don’t click on any hyperlink.
  • Don’t input sign-in or bank account details.


Linkt Corporation is a tolling company that is based in Australia which is owned by Transurban and, based on the basis of its name scams are on increasing. Recently an individual was swindled by fraudsters and has advised motorists about this.

Did you also receive unsettling messages or emails from Linkt? Please let us know you did in this regard was.

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