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Being a parent is an important and wonderful phase of life. However, God may make it difficult at times and others it’s easy. Maricar Reyes has this to say.

Maricar is Maricar Reyes. Are you curious about Maricar Reyes’s inability to have a baby after nine long years of marriage. This news is being reported all over the Philippines and United States. You can read the entire article Maricar Reyes Baby to learn all.

Was Reyes Maricar right about not having a child?

Reyes joined Rica Peralejo as a guest at an interview cum talk session vlog. Maricar discussed her infertility while having a chat with the guests. Maricar revealed that she and her husband of 46 years tried to have a baby for two years in 2015.

Reyes said that they tried so hard, but it didn’t work and that she is unable to bear children. The duo gets them checked by a doctor for any issue. However, both are perfectly fine. Reyes said they accepted it and never felt jealousy for Reyes’s older mothers.

Reyes said that she does not feel less than a woman because she has a child. Reyes is happy with her life as it is. She accepts that God makes things difficult sometimes, but she’s happy to be the way it is.

Reyes Maricar and his children:

Reyes was born in Manila to Ceferina Reyes & Emilio Reyes. Maricar isn’t a mother and has made it clear that she doesn’t have children.

Is Reyes Maricar married? Girlfriend, husband, boyfriend:

Yes, Maricar has married Richard poon. They were married in 2013. He is a singer-songwriter, producer, and TV personality.

Maricar Reyes’s education qualification:

Maricar had successfully completed her studies at St. Bridget’s. She graduated with a BSc. After graduating from college, she studied medicine and surgery. She passed her exams in 2008 and has a Net Worth of $27.8billion. Check out her Instagram and Facebook links to get to know more about her.


Maricar Reyes revealed that she has never had a baby in a chit-chat video. Maricar is the subject of this article.

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