Mohamed Al Fayed Daughter: Things You Need To Know About Mohamed Al Fayed Daughters!

This post Mohamed Al Fayed Mother will contain information on the daughters Mohamed Al Fayed. This post will provide information about the daughters of Mohamed-Al-Fayed. Please take a moment to read it.

Do you know Mohamed Al Fayed What are his daughters names? Many people are talking and searching for Jasmine Worldwide. This article will provide information about the Mohamed Al Fayed Girl as well as details about their lives.

It will contain information about Mohamed, his family and children. All of your questions will also be addressed here.

Daughters of Mohamed-Al-Fayed

According to online sources Mohamed-Al-Fayed was the father of three sons and two daughters. His daughters are Jasmine Alfayed-Alfayed and Camilla Alfayed. Some sources claim that Jasmine, Camilla’s oldest daughter, is younger than Jasmine. Jasmine Al Fayed was not born on the date given by sources. According to our research Camilla-Al-Fayed may be his younger sister. You can also find out their wiki details.

Jasmine was in news before?

Sources claim that Jasmine opened her fashion store in 2003. This led to much criticism from the public. Her father’s name was the source of a lot criticism. Netizens believed her father had helped her to launch her fashion brand. Some critics accused her of having only completed one year of apprenticeship and not getting her degree in fashion. Later, however, all critics were proved wrong. Victoria Beckham has praised her talent.

Jasmine-Al-Fayed has a total worth

Jasmine Al Fayed-Al Fayed and Camilla Al Fayed have not been updated on their net worth. They are well-known figures who have built their businesses. Online sources discuss their father’s net worth, who was more famous than them. According to certain sources, Mohamed Al-Fayed has a net worth estimated at $2 billion. Unfortunately, Jasmine and Camilla have not been able to provide any information.

Dodi Died

Dodi Fayed, the son of Mohamed, was killed at the Ageof 42. He was dating Diana, Princess of Wales. He died in a crash that occurred on August 31, 1997. He was accompanied by his partner Diana, who was also seriously injured in the accident. She also succumbed to her injuries.

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