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The latest piece discusses the + case and the current status on Nate’s missing case.

Do you know the whereabouts of Nate Wallace? Many people have been asking for information on this boy. Nate is the full name. He is seventeen years old. Nathen disappeared on Monday, 14/11/2022

Many are concerned about his disappearance from the United States. Even police need public assistance to solve Nate Wallace Case Missing right away.

What was the Incident like?

According to Det. Jeremy Jaques reported that Nathen had been missing since 8:15 p.m. Nathen is a 17-year old teenager who fled Morgan County on Monday Evening. Police started investigating the incident.

The police found his cell phone at the Syracuse roadside. Jaques also stated that Nathen was disturbed by some unknown reason later, but he is not sure about the cause.

Nate Wallace Missing The Investigation

Morgan County Sheriff Office started an investigation. Police have searched all areas for Nate and made calls. The police need to find out more information about Nate.

Morgan County Office appealed to the public for assistance in finding out about this young boy. According to the report Nathen did nothing with him.

He had just 30 USD left at the moment of his departure. Even so, he did not have any identification proof or wallet. Police still need to know whereabouts the 17-yearold Morgan County boy.

Nate Wallace Missing

Police found that Nathen was operating a Honda Civic vehicle at the time. The vehicle’s number plate reads F-35-8UN. The car’s color is Grey.

The traffic police also received a request from the investigation authority for help in locating the car. However, the police were unable to track down the vehicle for two days after his missing report.

The joint investigation was initiated simultaneously by the Syracuse Police Force as well as Davis County Sheriff’s Department. However, after just two days they are still looking for a clue to Nate.

Nate Wallace Missing

On Wednesday, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office released a public announcement. In the notification, police said that anyone has any information on Nate and they will quickly inform the Sheriff.

Nate’s relatives and friends were informed by the investigating authority. There still needs to be accurate information regarding this teenage boy.

Current Situation

Police are working hard to find Nathen Wallace . However, there must be real progress in this case. The cyber unit has already supported the investigation team, and they are currently looking into Nate’s cell phone.

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