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This post National Anthem Brittney Griner will inform readers about Griner’s actions and the reason she was imprisoned here in Russia. Please take a moment to read.

Brittney protested the National Anthem being played. What do you know? This has been a popular trend since Griner’s protest against the playing of the national anthem in the WNBA games. People from the United States Canada and the United Kingdom would like to know the reason. National Anthem Brittney Griner explains why Griner has stopped using the national song.

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America has had many incidents in which Black people were hated for years. Brittney protested the National Anthem being played in 2020 WNBA games and refused to stand while she knelt. People slammed Brittney for doing this. She protested against the National Anthem being played. She was also likened to the Capital Riots of the January 6 protest. For more information, please continue reading.

Brittney griner National Anthem Protest

Brittney griner protested against the National Anthem’s being played before WNBA basketball games in 2020. Instead of standing during Anthem, she knelt. According to reports she did this because White people always dominated the blacks. But we don’t know exactly what she thought.

However, she has been sentenced in Russia to nine years imprisonment. The lady was convicted of several illegal activities. Please read the next paragraph to find out more.

Brittney Imprision

Brittney was convicted in Russia for the spoliation and illegal use of drugs. She was sentenced at the age of nine to nine years. According to National Anthem Brittney griner, her sentence will see her in Russia’s penal colony, where she won’t be able listen to America’s National Anthem. According to reports she stated she was grateful to Russia because she will not hear America’s National Anthem and that she is free of racism from the US. According to some sources online, she is content that she isn’t treated equally with men. She thanked Putin the Russian President for saving and caring for her over the next ten-years.

How will they treat her in Penal Colony.

Russian authorities confirmed that she would be assigned challenging tasks. As per National Anthem Brittney griner, her tasks include placing items on high racks or breaking large rocks and trimming trees’ tops. She feels thankful to Putin for this.

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