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For the most recent information on read our post. What do you need to know about NFT NFT Magazine Covers by the most prominent crypto artists are available to view. The magazine is a hit in Sweden. Australia. United Arab Emirates . United States.

Learn more about top cryptocurrency players, market dynamics. Ratings. Professional guidance. NFT collection’s worth is built on three pillars: utility, community, and history. NFT collection value can be found in multiple aspects, or one. Continue reading below.

Who created the magazine?

A study has found that 41% NFT business are located in the US. NFTMagazine, an innovative media business that employs over 40 people, is one of the fastest expanding. JetSetFly and Joey Sendz founded the company, along with TheBlondeJon and The Junior Punks.

JetSetFly (now known more as JetSet) is one of the most innovative, well-liked, significant marketers and businesspeople within Generation Z. The 24-year old has generated thousands of leads and achieved online sales of more that $20 million in less time than ten year. He then started

After his first encounter with non-fungible goods, he was employed as a neuromarketing adviser for three NFT brand brands. Within 45 days of being exposed to the idea of NFTs, he had generated a total $10 million in NFT releases revenues. was launched by him in January 2022.

What did JetSet decide?

JetSet started a side company that sold NFTs as well as cryptocurrencies. He soon realized that his main venture required less work than this side business.

He had difficulty keeping up with all the recent information about He was able to receive the “alpha”–beneficial and useful information about NFTs. JetSet discovered there were no reliable NFT news outlets or networking group, despite the existence a thousand NFT enterprises and millions NFT users.

Many of the most influential NFT media outlets in the 1980s accepted paid advertising and misrepresented the fact as “genuine news reporting”, when it was actually the opposite.

How did he communicate through

JetSet is fully aware of the possibility that NFT markets will disappear if they are not changed. JetSet recognizes the importance and value of accurate, reliable and current NFT information. It was motivated by success stories like Morning Brew’s Bitcoin Magazine, CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph.

He set out to create an NFT user hub that would provide accurate news, NFT training and market updates.


JetSetFly’s creator JetSetFly has three recommendations for buying an NFT magazine collection. He believes leaders must take important actions immediately.

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