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In this article, we’re looking at Pentos Reviews. It’s the first comprehensive analysis and monitoring tool that works with Tiktok. Read on to learn what the tools can do and then decide whether it’s the best one for you.

The website states that Pentos is able to help users with information on TikTok accounts, music artists, videos and trends. All in one location. According to the site, Pentos can monitor anything that happens on TikTok.

These are fantastic buzzwords, and they make massive promises. However, do they mean that these words and promises really exist or are they an actual fact? Let’s find out. Below we’ve reviewed the program in depth. We’ve also discussed who might find this tool appropriate and its functions, price as well as other aspects. Let’s start!

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Who is Pentos for?

Pentos is an excellent tool for creators, influencers as well as small businesses and anyone else looking to increase their presence on TikTok. To be precise, it’s an essential tool who want to know and track the engagement of your account, its developments, and the latest trends on TikTok.

Pentos gives you detailed insights that are not just easily accessible, but also easy to comprehend. These insightful insights can be utilized by users to analyze the content, progress, trends and key areas that require improvement, as well as other crucial areas. These insights serve as a foundation for TikTok users to plan the creation, posting, and publishing of more engaging content for the future. They can also assist users enhance how they use their TikTok strategy for marketing.

So, one is able to easily determine the right picture of where they are on TikTok. Thus, Pentos can be the ideal tool for each TikTok user to continue improving as well as growing and reaching impossible heights.

Pentos’ features

Pentos features are divided into two different products namely TikTok Analytics and TikTok Monitoring.

This is in line with two of the most important activities an TikTok professional has to perform every day.

So, we’ve examined its capabilities in line with that same format, highlighting the most important features that are found in every one of these products.

TikTok Analytics

Profil Analytics With it’s profile statistics, you’ll be able to expand beyond the 60-day limit of TikTok and track your the progress of your profile from now until forever. You don’t just keep track, but you also get expertly curated analysis and reports on your profile’s progress.

Song Analytics With the feature you are able to monitor songs that are used by any music creator. You can conduct an analysis to determine which songs you’ve created performed the most well. It is also possible to know the most popular tracks on this platform.

Video Analytics With the feature you are able to follow videos by any creator. You can conduct an analysis to find out which of your videos are the most successful through the site. Also, you can learn about the most popular videos in the app.

Hashtag Analytics Hashtag Analytics HTML0 Utilizing the software’s efficient Hashtag analysis feature you will be informed of the latest happenings in the world of Twitter. You’ll be being aware of the most recent and most popular hashtags on the platform. Additionally, you can learn find out about the performance of the various hashtags.

Weekly Reports on Performance You will receive the metrics and statistics for your content, along with other trending content on TikTok on a regular basis. You can not only monitor your performance but also keep track of other accounts, including your competitors and peers. You can use this feature to compare yourself to the top performers.

daily update The information is refreshed each day.

Data Sorting The feature provides you with group metrics to allow for simple analysis.

Export data in CSV or PDF Data exported as PDF or CSV Pentos allows users to transfer their data to another location. You can easily transfer your personal data. The data can be used anytime and any time you require it.

Easy Dashboard It provides an extremely powerful dashboard that is easy to use, accessible and easy to navigate.

TikTok Monitor

hashtags monitoring This feature not only allows you to monitor the performance of hashtags but also lets you watch videos for specific hashtags.

Tracking Influencers This feature lets you are able to track the content of any influential person on TikTok. This feature can assist you to enhance you TikTok advertising strategy and check and identify trends, and then launch innovative strategies.

Music monitoring You can keep track of the top-performing songs on this platform. If you use appropriate music in your content, you will attract the interest from Gen Z, millennials, and an entire new generation of customers.

Viral Charts – With Pentos Viral Charts feature it is impossible to miss any viral content that is posted on TikTok. With the features, you are able to observe the content you post on TikTok and be notified when something becomes viral. In addition however, you can determine the level of virality according to your requirements.

E-mail Notification This feature will inform you whenever an alert is activated by email.


We discovered Pentos to be an excellent value for money TikTok analysis and monitoring tool. One thing we liked the most Pentos is the fact that it provides the opportunity to try a free trial of 14 days for all plans. This means that users can test it out and decide if they want to purchase the paid plans.

There are four plans to suit various budgets and requirements. Additionally, the cost of plans differs based on whether the plan is billed monthly or annually. The costs are slightly lower when choosing the annual option.

For small and medium-sized business proprietors, Pentos has got the “Starter” plan. It comes with many features, however it comes with some limitations, such as five trackers, five viral alerts, a single-day historical viral chart, as well as an historical trending chart for one day.

To eliminate the limitations of the features, it is possible to move into the “Growth” package. This plan has featuresthat comprise 20 trackers and 20 alerts for viral and a 7-day historical chart of virality, and the 7-day trending chart of historical trends.

In the next plan that is called”Pro”, you get “Pro” plan You will get 50 trackers, fifty viral alerts, unlimited historic viral chart and unlimited historical trending charts.

Large companies with complicated TikTok analysis and monitoring requirements can choose”Enterprise” plan “Enterprise” package. Along with unlimited historical viral charts and chart with historical trends it also includes more than 1000 trackers, and more than 1000 alerts for viral activity.

The Final Words

After doing lots of research, and even using the services of Pentos and services, we can confidently declare that Pentos is a 100% legit tool. In conclusion, we’d claim it is Pentos has most reliable and the most efficient and efficient TikTok software that is available on the market.

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