Phala Phala Scandal Report – What Happened At Phala Phala Farm? Explore Details!

According to a spokesperson, Ramaphosa isn’t going to manage the country tonight and isn’t panicking. The Presidency announced that President Cyril Ramaphosa won’t manage the nation tonight in a surprising move. It stated that the president doesn’t care about mounting demands for him to resign following the Out-of-the Phala Phala notice issued by an independent panel.

What happened at Phala Phala Farm

Independent panel has found that South African President Cyril Ramaphosa may be facing impeachment. This is after he allegedly violated anti-corruption law while investigating a robbery at his farm. Ramaphosa was allegedly to have robbed his Phala Phala farm near the northeast of the country. The theft, which is now known as the “Farmgate”, cost him $4 million. It was estimated that $580,000 of it was hidden under couch cushions. There are also allegations that Ramaphosa worked with Namibian authorities for torture and to bribe suspects. Ramaphosa rescheduled a Thursday visit to Parliament in order to review the panel’s findings. Vincent Magwenya his spokesperson also withdrew from a scheduled media briefing.

What is The Phala Phala Skandal?

  • Fraser says that Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala Wildlife Farm in South Africa’s Limpopo Region was the scene of a criminal split. It happened on February 9, 2020. They found large amounts of dollars bills hidden in furniture pieces.
  • Fraser claimed Ramaphosa was the housekeeper of Ramaphosa, whose uniqueness will be protected. Fraser also said that she found the stash and messaged her brother about a gang who could do the robbery.
  • Four Namibian citizens, as well as two South Africans, were allegedly part of the gang. They cut the wire perimeter to gain entry through the main farmhouse’s window. Fraser said that CCTV footage captured the break in. The video shows what appears to be two men on their knees walking towards a window and two other men waiting by a door.
  • In a report, the president said that he was overseas at the time. He then stated that he had transmitted the incident to the presidential security police unit. He asked Major General Wally Rhode, his head of security to investigate the incident after he was back.
  • Rhoode, allegedly, created a group of retired police officers to help members of the crime Intelligence Unit. These men rescued some loot from Rhoode and her possible co-conspirators. The housekeeper and the alleged culprits later paid.
  • They were fined nearly $10,000 for their silence. The housekeeper was allegedly reinstated and transferred to a new job at the farm.

What are our knowledge about the Phala Phala Farm?

  • It can be found in Limpopo’s northernmost province, Bela-Bela. According to its website it covers 4,500 hectares (11.120 acres).
  • Since 2010, it has been in use.
  • Ramaphosa’s 2017 last mandate for business stakes was not mentioned explicitly.
  • This is Phala Phala’s first argument. Ramaphosa was indicted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA), for ties to South Africa’s trophy hunting industry.
  • PETA stated that it had conducted an undercover investigation, and obtained corroborating statements of farm workers. According to PETA’s statement, “Wild animals were produced specifically for killing for awards.” “Footage indicates that Ramaphosa calmly develops and grows a trophy hunting possession called Diepdrift, and that he stocks it with animals from Phala Phala’s Wildlife Breeding Cycle. He also holds a half stake in Tsala Hunting Safaris.
  • Ramaphosa immediately rejected any interest in the Tsala Hunting Safaris industry or in the award hunting industry.

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