Pioneer Day Fireworks 2022 {July} Find All Info About Pioneer Day Fireworks

This news provides information on the Pioneer Day Fireworks, as well the specifications of the events.

Have you heard of the festival celebrated in Southern Utah? Want to learn more about the free festivals and the schedule set by government officials to enjoy this show? If so, you’re on the right page.

The United States readers would like to see the events until the wee hours of the morning. Along with the celebration programme, the club of diverse artists and indigenous group members have received new updates.

Continue reading to learn more about Pioneer Day Fireworks 20022, and other similar specifications.

Reason Behind Pioneer Day Celebration

Pioneer Day commemorates the liberation and anniversary of the freed black people from the enslavement that shaped Utah history. The rich legacy of tradition has been ignited by people’s experiences and their culture. Now, the celebration is not only a national holiday but a regular one in the country. The day will be marked with prompt and spectacular celebrations and diverse communities will participate in them.

Learn more about the Pioneer Day Fireworks 20022 venue. Also, learn about event timings.

Specifications about the Firework for Pioneer Day

The festival of 2022 added an extra color to the night! You can scroll down for more details.

  • Festival name: Pioneer Day
  • Location of the festival: 575 East University Parkway Central Orem UT, Code – 84097
  • University of Place Orem (Utah) sponsors and presents the festival.
  • Date for the event: 23 July 2022
  • The fireworks display will begin at 5:00 PM. However the main attraction of the fireworks show, fireworks, has a very limited time. It starts at 1159 PM.

Events In Pioneer Day Fireworks 22

The management of the tickets booked has been a complex task that involved several communities. There were some law enforcement who suspected prepared and responsible lighting shows. These games and shows were listed below:

Starting at 5PM-

  • Utah’s Rock band performing music
  • Madilyn Page Performance

Starts from 7 PM

  • Treats
  • Concerts and Music Choreographic groups

Starting at 11 PM-

How can I get a discounted price?

You can view the mobile-friendly passport close to salt lake and get discounts up to 10-20% on food products and 25% on sport and concert tickets.

Why Pioneer Day Fireworks 20022 What’s Hot?

As there is a unique arrangement for the day, this news is on the rise. Police officers also helped with the safety of the fireworks celebration and created an awareness campaign.


According to internet research several events are taking place around the fireworks show to keep Pioneer Day residents safe. During the presentation, the scenario involving wildfire danger was also presented.

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