Is Pleshey Com Legit Or Another Scam? Read Exclusive Reviews

This article about Pleshey Spacebuddy gives a whole review of the website’s Product and its reliability. Check out our complete article to find out more about Pleshey Spacebuddy.

This article we’ll inform you whether you buy something through Pleshey com or not. This shop is located in the categories of products and has a trust score of 37%.

In the Pleshey com Review, we will go over everything that is about the website and the products it handles, as well as additional information regarding the authenticity of the website. To learn more, read the complete review below.

What’s this website? Pleshey Spacebuddy website?

Pleshey Spacebuddy is an online website that sells categories of products, including TAPESTRIES Lighting, and other collections.This website was created on the 2022-01-19 date for more than six months, as per the whois database. The trust score for this website is 37% of 100.

Important Information about Pleshey com website:

In this section you’ll discover all the information you need to know about this website. Pleshey com website, read thoroughly and decide if you to purchase items from the site or not. We recommend that users to conduct some research on our site or Google when they decide to buy something from a brand new website.

  • Name of website: Pleshey Spacebuddy
  • Link to website: Pleshey com
  • Contact address: 1130 South Canal Street #1436 Chicago, Illinois, 60607
  • Categories of Products: Different products
  • The Product Type Name Lights, Tapestries etc.
  • Payment options Accepted payment methods: All accepted modes
  • Time to delivery Expect to receive your purchase within seven to 16 business days. If your order doesn’t arrive in 30 business days, please let us know to ensure we follow-up with the shipping company.
  • Refund Policy: We offer 30 days to return your item, that means you’ll can wait 30 days from receiving the item to ask for an exchange.
  • Links to social media: Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The above points can assist you in understanding the legitimacy of the website. Let’s take a review both the negative and positive aspects of the site.

Positives about this store online:

  • Secure SSL Certificate, HTTPS is available to protect consumers.
  • It gives a variety of payment choices to customers.
  • It gives all the readily available and current policies to customers.

Negative aspects of Pleshey Spacebuddy Review:

  • This site has a untrustworthy score, just 37 percent, which raises trust concerns.
  • The site has negative reviews on other websites.
  • Certain content on the website appears to be copied from another site
  • The domain for the Website is fresh, it was registered on January 19, 2022 for more than six months, which causes problems with trust.

Does this website have legitimacy or is it not?

The store doesn’t appear to be an authentic website


Based on our own check-up the website was suspicious, as its trust score is 37% of 100. The question asks about the legitimacy of the website, and we do not advise users to buy anything on this website.

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